Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wildest Place for a birthday date!

This family group ranged in age from 9 years to 87 years old. Lindsay Maggs booked a “Wildest Place for a Special Date” as a 17th birthday for her daughter Kelly. To celebrate the occasion four family members made up the party – Lindsay and Kelly plus - Gran (Mary, aged 87) and grand daughter (Shakira, aged 9) – both of whom are wheelchair users.

Getting up-close to the animals was wonderful for all concerned! The family were able to enjoy being surrounded by our gentle Wallabies; they also fed and touched the Penguins; then there were the greedy Pelicans …. and of course an ongoing quacking flock of enthusiastic ducks at every turn! Although we weren’t able to manoeuvre the wheelchairs into the Meerkat enclosure, Mary and Shakira seemed pleased to share this part of their adventure by looking through the viewing window whilst Lindsay and birthday girl Kelly marvelled at the mischievous Meerkats on their laps!

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