Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Keeper for the Day- Al Wyman

Al Wyman who regularly visits the Park throughout the season was treated to being a ‘Keeper for the Day’ for the second time in two years!

Al was born with Retinopathy which means that he is completely blind and therefore loves to spend time here at the Park listening to all our tuneful Tropical birds, Ducks and Owls. Al was accompanied by his carer Tim Taylor, who also spends much of his time here throughout the season, who were together guided around the Park by Head Keeper Tara.

Given the chance to feed, touch and meet many of our feathery, furry, scaly friends (as well as spending time with the Keepers), it doesn’t look as though Al missed anyone out….

Al expressed no fear, only great enthusiasm to learn and experience as much as he could about the enchanting creatures surrounding him….. although, as a result of Al's boldness I think Tim came off with a few more cuts and bruises than he'd first anticipated!

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