Monday, 19 September 2011


Peter and Debbie Barnes celebrated their first anniversary with us last month (you may remember the Blog?) Debbie treated Peter – deciding that Seaview Wildlife was to be the “wildest place for their special anniversary date!”. Peter sent through this wonderful email last week as a follow up to their visit:

Feeding Meerkats DSC_2342

Friday Sept 9th 2011

“Debbie and I have visited many Zoos and Wildlife parks including London Zoo, Colchester and several whilst on holiday abroad. We can honestly say that we have never had such a personal, interesting and charming visit to such a place before.

Our day at Seaview Wildlife Encounter was by far the most enjoyable experience we have ever had. We are very wary of which zoos/parks and so on that we visit as the welfare of the animals there is of our utmost concern - the whole feel and atmosphere we felt at Seaview was one of 'Animals First', their care and comfort is obviously your top priority, and the evidence for this was plain to see. All the animals had plenty of space, well maintained enclosures and a high proportion of keepers to care for them.

Going as a 'standard' visitor would give anybody a hugely entertaining and fun day out with so many different animals to see, touch and feed - perfect day out for families and children of all ages (me included - 46, refusing to grow old gracefully!). As a special treat, my wife Debbie booked us in for the V.I.P. visit which included a personalised 2 hour tour where we had the opportunity to go into the enclosures and feed Pelicans (highly comical characters), Wallabies (very cute and inquisitive), Penguins (cheeky chappies, great fun and a bit naughty) and what has to be our absolute favourites, the Meerkats - what can't I say about these two young ladies? They were of course very appealing, hugely inquisitive and most endearing. Debbie and I had the chance to sit in their enclosure and hand feed them live meal-worms (not half as bad as it sounds!). If we sat absolutely still, they would climb up onto our laps and take the food from the little cups we were given - they would even take them from our hands if we were especially still and quiet.

The tour was topped off with a 3 course Champaign meal! What an experience! I have never done anything like this before and Debbie and I really feel a part of us will forever be at 'Seaview', an amazing day out we will never forget.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the very kind, attentive staff and especially to Jules, our friendly and informative guide for the day, she really made us feel like V.I.P.s during our time there. I have no words to say how highly we recommend that everyone should have a visit at least once to your wonderful Wildlife Encounter Park - we can't wait to go back!”

Thank you to Peter and Debbie for taking the time to express this wonderful, positive feedback about their “Wildest Date” experience.

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