Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Transfer of Penguins to new home at Wingham


This seems to be the time of year for transferring livestock!  Earlier this week we saw some of our Wallabies off to a new home on the mainland and this morning was the turn of three of our male Humboldt Penguins.  Last year we transferred ten of our Penguins to a new home at Wingham Wildlife Park in Kent.  Today we sent off three more males to join the group.  Tony and Jackie (Directors of Wingham) came over personally to manage the process and to ensure the safety of our three boys.

Whilst they were here, Tony and Jackie noticed and enquired about our abundant brood of Chilean Flamingos (our flock have successfully reared another 16 chicks this year).  We’ve subsequently arranged for a transfer of nine of last year’s chicks to take place later this year.

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