Saturday, 3 September 2011

Kookaburra chick fledged!

Well it looks like Colin and Kookie have another brother or sister to welcome to the the ever growing Laughing Kookaburras family!

Kookie (5) 15 Sept 10

If you remember last year Colin (pictured left) and Kookie (below)  were being hand- reared by the Keepers due to being rejected by their parents. Luckily for this little Kookaburra the parents have done a better job of feeding them and this week it finally got to spread it’s wings for the first time!

Colin 20 July 10


After spending at least a couple of months in the safety of the Kookaburra’s nest box and being fed a variety of insects, chicks and mince, this little fella will soon be left to fend for itself. In the meantime mum and dad are still feeding the chick until it can get the hang of feeding for itself and then will be moved to it’s own enclosure until we can find it a new home or a mate…

Kookie Dec 10

Will keep you posted on any progress!

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