Sunday, 31 January 2010


A SAD FAREWELL..... To Natasha who is leaving us today (January 31st) to venture forth to Yorkshire!

We will all miss you very much. Thank you for all your hard work, your attention to detail, your kind, compassionate way with the birds and animals and for your great talks to the visiting public. The Directors and Animal Care Team wish you every happiness and success for the future . (I bet you will miss the Wallabies the most!) Take care and come back and visit us soon.

Saturday, 30 January 2010


Basil (slightly faulty) desperately seeks Sybil in time for valentines day!

Short, dark and very handsome. A real hairy looker with PLENTY of him to explore. WLTM caring curvaceous female goat with GSOH, who enjoys lots of 'kidding' around, eating out and moon lit strolls through Wallaby Walkabout.

Has a lot to offer the lucky lady goat with luxury accommodation in the popular Seaview Wildlife Park, caring keepers and all the grub she could wish to eat. What more could a girl ask for so....

Will you be my valentine?

Please email:

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The girls join the gang!

After a wonderful day spent at Cotswolds Park myself and Craig ventured home with two new furry friends!
Considering they aren't too keen on water, the two Slender Tailed Meerkat sisters coped very well on the bumpy journey across the solent and didn't get sea sick once!
Well today was the day they were introduced to our four boys and the introduction couldn't have gone better.
With all the excitement the dominant male wasted no time in
investigating the keen new arrivals and it wasn't long before they were stratching to get out!

Within half an hour of the doors being open the boys very kindly showed the ladies the ins and outs of their bachelor pad and even shared their breakfast! So the girls have proven to be quite a catch but the question is.... does this mean we will be hearing the sound of the pit patter of tiny feet? We will keep you updated!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Imminent arrival of two new female Meerkats at the Park!

Great news for our four boys!! Cotswold Wildlife Park have kindly donated two lovely female Meerkats to join our gang here at Seaview Wildlife! The former elderly matriarch of our Meerkat family passed away last summer so it's time to introduce new life into the group. Craig and Tara, our two Headkeepers have planned a trip to Cotswold next week to collect the girls. Watch this space for an update on their arrival .......!

Boris sends a greeting to Val!

We received this heart-warming message yesterday (20th January 2010) from Boris's original owner, Val Mercer. This prompted me to take a few photos!

"Have viewed your blog regarding the winter weather, and enjoyed the pictures and news. Could you give me some news on Boris. Although he has been with you many years now he still lies in my heart. It has been so cold and icy it would be nice to know he survived the cold - he loved to sit near the radiator at home. Sincerely - Val Mercer".
These photos were taken this morning in the lovely winter sunlight with a view to showing Val how well Boris is doing. He is the favourite in our big flight aviary, all the Keepers really love him! He is such a character and very affectionate. The photos show Fern and Boris having a chat, blowing kisses at each other and Boris enjoying a tickle! Thanks for being in contact Val.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Horace, Dorris and Morris are thawed out!

As you probably are all aware its been extremely chilly the last week or so and the park situated where it is has experienced the full impact of the natural elements especially our three resident Pink Backed Pelicans, Horace, Dorris and Morris!
With high northerly winds forecast we thought it best to temporarily move our vunerable Pelicans to a sheltered indoor enclosure until the cold front had passed us by.
Well the day finally came when the snow had thawed and the pelicans were able to move back out into their outdoor enclosure, with the help of Keeper Jake!

Dorris was the first to return home and wasted no time at all in going for a dip and having a well longed preen of her feathers....rather you than me Dorris! The two boys were rather more hesitant and stayed on dry land but enjoyed spreading their wings and having a good old stretch whilst making the most of the sun breaking through the clouds!

Love re-united!

After 'Scarlett' (pictured left) our oldest and very handsome Scarlett Macaw recovered from a small operation, he was reunited with his loyal mate, Ruby after 10 days of separation.

Scarlett wasted no time in trying to 'woo' Ruby, although she was a initially a little apprehensive of Scarlett's attempts as she edged further and further up the rope!

However Scarlett as always got his own way and it wasn't long before they were acting like love sick teenagers again and couldn't keep their beaks off each other!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Pink-Backed Pelican in soft morning light

Photograph: Jules Brittan, General Manager, Seaview Wildlife Encounter (Jan 2010)

There were two reasons that prompted me to take this shot - firstly the soft morning sunlight enhancing the natural beauty of the subject - and secondly the Pelican's unusual but elegant pose on the snow-encrusted wooden jetty.

Caribbean Flamingos in the snow

I was lucky enough for Sally Taylor on BBC South Today to select this photo last evening (11 January 2010) to share with her viewers .... Hope you like it too! The Caribbeans' beautiful, rich, salmon-pink plumage contrasts strikingly against the pristine whiteness of the snow.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Peeking out then tiptoeing across the snow ....

First of all we peeked out and decided it was too cold to venture out ..... then we gave it a go and bounced out .... our brother tiptoed out more cautiously across the cold crunchiness .... hmmmm .... but he agreed our pond is good for a skid and a slide ..... actually, it's a bit chilly out here .... now where's our lunch? .... Aaah good, there it is! No point hanging around, it's Rainbow Trout and Fresh Prawns in bed for the 3 of us, snuggled in our hay-lined holt with built-in heating. Not a bad way to take refuge from the snowy storm ....