Thursday, 21 January 2010

Boris sends a greeting to Val!

We received this heart-warming message yesterday (20th January 2010) from Boris's original owner, Val Mercer. This prompted me to take a few photos!

"Have viewed your blog regarding the winter weather, and enjoyed the pictures and news. Could you give me some news on Boris. Although he has been with you many years now he still lies in my heart. It has been so cold and icy it would be nice to know he survived the cold - he loved to sit near the radiator at home. Sincerely - Val Mercer".
These photos were taken this morning in the lovely winter sunlight with a view to showing Val how well Boris is doing. He is the favourite in our big flight aviary, all the Keepers really love him! He is such a character and very affectionate. The photos show Fern and Boris having a chat, blowing kisses at each other and Boris enjoying a tickle! Thanks for being in contact Val.

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