Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Christmas Surprise

Earlier today the keepers made the discovery of this adorable little yellow duckling!


Normally we expect ducklings to be hatching at Easter not Christmas so he is either very late or really early!

With no sign of his family, the keepers will be taking care of this little chap until he is big enough to live out in the park with all the other ducks!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Push out the boat and have a little vote


Welcome to the Awards 2014.

These are the Isle of Wight’s only visitor-voted awards for tourism businesses and services, providing you with the opportunity to pick out your star performers who have helped make your visit a truly fantastic and unforgettable experience.
We have provided the key categories and a few suggestions but the rest is down to you. You can vote in all or just the categories where you feel the experience was exceptional and you can make your own suggestions to be added to the short lists.
We want to know where you love hanging out, what you love doing, where your fave paces to stay are and where you go when you want to eat something delicious!
So get voting – your opinion is king!
Red Funnel Ferry 2