Saturday, 28 April 2012


                                                                                                                                                                                                       “  One of the best days out we’ve had so far, one to one animal feeding ‘fab’ worth the money a great clean well kept park – BRILLIANT.  Loved the wallabies loved it all”
flying joey

  Fantastic day, best of the holiday!  Daughter thoroughly enjoyed her Combo Experience, helped her with her school project and got a real appreciation of the time and effort the staff put in every day.  All the staff across the Park give it a wonderful, family friendly atmosphere”

  You should be proud of the facilities you provide all your animals.  A reasonably priced great day out.  Your staff are lovely too”

  Fantastic value for money and superb facilities!  Also, refreshing to have yummy home-cooked food at reasonable prices”

  A lovely Wildlife Park the best so far.  Well kept and friendly”

  Excellent, very clean and no smell! Best I’ve been to”

  A lovely experience very peaceful.  The staff were interactive and informative.  Thank you”

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Dippy wearing special shoes

Background to the shoe story
Dippy, our Head Humboldt Penguin, has been slightly lame recently.  Our vet, Doc Green, checked him over yesterday and suggested taking a closer look at the surgery today.  We were all naturally apprehensive because Dippy is such a special little character to us all … however, the outcome of his examination is good.  The X-rays show no signs of arthritis in his legs or feet.  There’s a very small (almost insignificant) sore on the base of each foot that may be causing him some discomfort.  Although these have not developed into ulcers or ‘bumblefoot’ Doc Green has fitted Dippy with special shoes to keep him dry and of the ground for a few days.  This should allow sufficient time for healing.
Dippy is being confined in a small area around his ‘hut’ in the Penguin enclosure where he can be close to the rest of the colony but won’t be able to access the pool for a while.  We’ll be trying to keep his feet as dry as possible!
DSC_0896   DSC_0907 DSC_0914
Above: Dippy arriving back from the vet’s this afternoon in his new ‘Jimmy Choo’ medical shoes

The actual shoe story
So, here comes Dippy, beak held high – modelling and waddling the latest Jimmy Choo Penguin shoes … only available by special order through Green & Foster in Newport, Isle of Wight …. hand-made to order, these polystyrene and elastoplast beauties might just set you back a few hundred squiddlies, so best you’re quite sure about this being your preferred style before rushing to grab your credit card ….

DSC_0930 DSC_0935 DSC_0938
Above: Dippy earlier today - in various positions of repose – relaxed, chatty and relieved to be back home!
Above: The on-duty Keeper Team were extremely pleased to be able to welcome Dippy back safe and sound (shoes and all!)

Close Encounters with Meerkats and Penguins!

In between the April showers of the past few days we’ve had sufficient dry spells and patches of sunshine for our One-on-One Meerkat and Penguin Encounters to go ahead and be thoroughly enjoyed!  We were pleased to welcome Neville Isaacson for a Meerkat Encounter and Sarah Kerry and her friend James joined for a Penguin Encounter.  Here are a sample of some of the images our V.I.P. guests took away as memories with them:

Above: Neville, who is absolutely mad for Meerkats (he even has a special Meerkat ring on his mobile phone) -  seen here enjoying a really close encounter!

Above: When asked about their Penguin Encounter, Sarah and James said they enjoyed being "hounded" by the Penguins and said "It turns out, all you need to become friends with a Penguin is a bucket of fish!" 



image image image

Can you help name our three Meerkats? We have one male and two females (some of you may know them!)

Names must have an African theme - so let your imaginations run wild!

Whoever puts forward all three chosen names will win a ONE-ON-ONE MEERKAT ENCOUNTER FOR TWO PEOPLE!

Please email entries to or hand your written entries in at our Reception kiosk - by 31st July 2012. Winner will be announced soon afterwards! Don’t forget to give your name, phone number and address!

Wishing you good luck and creative thinking!


Spring 2012 Newsletter

Both having a wash DSC_0238

Happy springtime from all of us at Seaview Wildlife Encounter!
The 2012 season burst into action on 1st April, warmed by an
abundance of spring sunshine! The Park is a beautiful lush green, sprinkled with vibrant new blossoms.

Of course spring is the most exciting time for the birth of new animal life here at the Park. There are Wallaby Joeys peeking out of their mothers’ pouches and tiny fluffy ducklings bobbing about on almost every stretch of water.

baby penguin cropped

As our Penguin colony is at optimum capacity we had decided to halt our breeding programme again this year. However, plans have recently changed! We’re proud to be supplying Longleat Safari Park with young Humboldt Penguin chicks for their new exhibit due to open later this year.
We’ve had five hatchlings to-date – with another fourteen eggs being monitored in incubators. The chicks are being transferred for continued hand-rearing until they’re old enough to dive and fish for themselves in their new home. We’re looking forward to monitoring their progress!

Brooke with Meerkat (Resized) DSC_0719 (2)
We’re leading the way with Interactive Wildlife Experiences on the Isle of Wight! 
Our discerning guests are now able to choose from an exciting selection of exclusive, hands-on animal encounters.
Where else on the Island can you enjoy the magic of personal, one-on-one Penguin and Meerkat Encounters?

Denise feeding Penguins (resized) DSC_2226 
In addition to our established “Keeper for a Day” and “Wildest Place for a Special Date” packages we now offer “Junior Wildlife Experiences” (a mini Keeper for a Day) and “One-On-One Wildlife Encounters” where our V.I.P. guests enjoy close-up time with our Meerkats or Penguins or a Combo Encounter with both! Book early to avoid disappointment! See next page for full details.

Looking forward to welcoming you back to the Park again soon!

Very best wishes on behalf of all the Team
Jules Brittan
General Manager

Page Two
One-on-One-Wildlife Encounters – our newest V.I.P. guest experiences!
One-on-One Encounters – for adults and children 6 years+
Personal time with Penguins or Meerkats - or a Combo Encounter spending close-up time with both!
Jess with Meerkat resized DSC_0338

Individual Encounters last about half an hour, Combo Encounters about one hour. Guided by an experienced member of the Animal Care Team, V.I.P. guests go behind the scenes, feed and spend special time with their chosen animals – up close and personal! Photos will be taken and are included on a DVD as a memento of your special Wildlife Encounter.

This is a unique treat for all ages. Children aged 6-12 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult who will gain free admission into the Park.
What does it cost?
£45 for one or £80 for two people (includes entry to the Park, photos on disc)

Any accompanying family or friends can enter the Park at our discounted voucher rate.
Advance booking is essential!

Junior wildlife Experience - for ages 6 – 15 yearsJemina with Wallaby (resized)
Geared towards the younger generation of animal lovers! This is a truly wonderful, bespoke, hands-on experience! Guided by a senior member of the Animal Care Team, this is a chance for young animal enthusiasts to get really close-up with Penguins, Meerkats, Wallabies, Pigs and Rabbits (other animals/birds can be included depending on individual interests i.e. bugs and reptiles!)

What does it cost?
£65.00 (2 hour “mini keeper for the day” experience – includes entry to Park for participant and responsible adult; photos on disc). Any accompanying family or friends can enter the Park at our discounted voucher rate.

For details and booking information for all Wildlife Encounters please see website: –
Don’t forget to check availability and book early to avoid disappointment: Email or phone 01983 612153.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Next batch of Penguin chicks to Longleat!

A tiny heap of Humboldt hatchlings!
DSC_0860 DSC_0868
DSC_0879 DSC_0882
A few up-to-date images of our four latest Penguin chicks, taken last evening – aged a few days old - just before they left on their journey to Longleat.  The youngsters are transported in an incubator to ensure they’re kept warm.  We’re pleased that all are extremely healthy, eating well and growing almost as you look at them.  Amazingly, in 3-4 months time they’ll be the same size as their parents!  We wish them all the luck in the world as they grow into their new lives at Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Positive feedback on weekend Penguin Encounter and Birthday Party!

Our Penguin Encounter participants from the weekend Dr Neil Young (@Dr_Neil) and his friend Ruth Curtis (@rutitoottoots) sent through this email earlier today:
“Hi Lorraine,
Just to say that we had a great day yesterday at the penguin encounter and around the park in general. It has really grown since when I used to come as a child but still retains all the good points from before. Your staff were wonderful and really looked after us and make the experience great.
I wondered if there is any availability for your keeper for the day experience for when I visit again?

If you could let me know that would be great, and thanks again!  Neil.”
Dippy on ice (resized)

Noah McCartney celebrated his 5th birthday here at the Park this weekend along with 8 of his friends.  He also adopted Dippy the Penguin.  Afterwards Noah said “I had a really great day!” 

Thank you to Neil and Ruth, and to Noah, for choosing to spend special time with us as V.I.P. guests here at the Park - and for your positive feedback!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Letter received this morning

We received this lovely letter from Lani Brown (aged 11) after her “Junior Wildlife Experience” at the Park this weekend:
 DSC_0314 DSC_0464
“To Jake,
I want to thank you for a wonderful time on my Junior Wildlife Experience, it was great.
I can't wait to visit the wallaby babies when they are fully grown, they are so soft now! Feeding the Meercats was fun, I got a lick! The way they stand guard in case of attack is so cool, although the one guarding misses out on the food. I'm sure they swapped though.
I loved the fact that when I had a bucket full of fish the penguins huddled round me and tapped me with their flippers! Being invited to see the baby penguins hatching and holdind a one day old chick was a once in a lifetime experience, and I wish them luck when they go to their new home.
The whole visit was Awesome, thanks again and I'm sure we will come back to see everyone again.
From Lani”

A selection of our most recent hands-on Wildlife Encounters!

A few lucky guests enjoyed some fab close-up one-on-one wildlife encounters this past week.  Here are just a few of the wonderful images that they took home with them as mementos of their animal encounters here at Seaview Wildlife:

Above: We arranged “The Wildest Place for a Special Date” for Mike and Gwen Barnes – an original gift from Mike to Gwen in celebration of her special birthday!  The couple enjoyed a great morning of close-up animal interactions, followed by a delicious champagne lunch and the afternoon at their leisure in the Park!

Above: Lani Brown really loved the baby Penguin chicks and the Wallaby Joeys during her Junior Wildlife Experience on Saturday 21st April!  This was a treat for Lani from her Mum and Dad who so enjoyed their “Wildest Date” at Seaview Wildlife Encounter last year.

Above: Dr Neil Young and Ruth Curtis had some great hands-on time during their Penguin Encounter yesterday morning (Sunday 22nd April) and didn’t mind getting splashed by the enthusiastic Penguins diving for fish in the pool! Neil emailed back today and said "  Hi Lorraine  Just to say we had a great day yesterday at the Penguin Encounter and around the Park in general.  It has really grown since when I used to come as a child but still retains all the good points from before.  Your staff are wonderful and really looked after us and made the experience great.  I wondered if there is any availability for your Keeper For A Day Experience for when I visit again?"

Above: Kane Wade and Jade Gilley got really close-up to the Meerkats during their One-on-One Meerkat Encounter this weekend.

Above: Ewan McLinven celebrated his 9th birthday during his Penguin Encounter yesterday – we all wish Ewan a very happy birthday!

Also, Noah McCartney celebrated his 5th birthday with us at Seaview by having a 'Penguin Party' with his 8 pals on Saturday afternoon......

Friday, 20 April 2012

The Penguins are going two by two….!

The first two penguins left the island last week to be hand reared close to Longleat. Poppy and Desmonds chicks hatched at 84 grams each, which is a really healthy hatch weight. Matthew from Specialist Wildlife Services came to the park to collect them, with an incubator plugged into the car to keep them warm.
They will be fed on a special diet of liquidised sprats, saline solution and calcium and vitamin supplement, three times a day for three months.
The feedback from Paul who is hand rearing them is very positive and both chicks are eating well.
So…..Round 2!
Biscuit and Squirts first chick hatched last night and weighed in at a whopping 92 grams! The other egg has just started pipping in the incubator.
This is definitely a serious penguin assembly line!


DSC_0227 DSC_0228

Above Left- Animal Keeper Grace, Below Right- Volunteer Holly

Meerkats meet a Mouse!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

It’s been a wild Easter holiday ….

It’s been a wild, wonderful Easter holiday time here at Seaview Wildlife Encounter! The Park is looking absolutely beautiful – lush, green vegetation with spring blooms bursting into colour with a backdrop of scenic waterfalls cascading into fresh running streams … and the animals are in fine form too … guests have been commenting on how happy, relaxed and healthy they all look … that’s probably the finest compliment for any wildlife park! Our “visitors book” is absolutely brimming over with complements about our guests’ wonderful wildlife experiences …. thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings!

Our regular Blog readers will no doubt have seen recent photos of guests enjoying our four V.I.P. Wildlife Encounters. There’s a choice of four Encounters - See website for details:

Here’s a random selection of images showing some of our most recent VIP Wildlife Encounter guests over the past few days:

DSC_0137 DSC_0034

Abigail Barrett (above), aged 12 said that her Keeper for a Day experience on Sunday 15th April was one of the best days out she has ever had! She especially loved the Wallabies – and being able to hold one of our newly-hatched Penguin chicks!

DSC_0031 DSC_0108

Eight year old twins Holly and Beth Hunter (above) from Oxford, turned Monday 16th April into a Junior Wildlife Experience! They said they especially loved the Wallabies and the cuddly animals in Pets Corner.

DSC_0403 DSC_0452

Brothers Luke and Aaron Rams thoroughly enjoyed their One-on-One Penguin and Meerkat Encounters on Monday 16th April

DSC_0538 DSC_0585

Ginny Ekin, aged seven, was treated to a Combo Encounter by her Mum and Dad. Ginny said she had the best time ever getting so close to the Penguins and Meerkats! One of the highlights was being able to hold the newly hatched Penguin chick (above left).

Wallaby version of “Mums and Tots”

Our Wallaby Joeys are so tame they allow our delighted visitors to stroke them whilst peeking out of their mother’s pouch! Here are a couple of images showing both brown and albino Bennett’s Wallaby mothers with their Joeys in-pouch. The gathering reminded me of the Wallaby equivalent of a “Mums and Tots” group!

Feeding with Mum DSC_0190Both having a wash DSC_0238Mums & Tots DSC_0187Brown Joey peeking out DSC_0188