Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Bird Crazy

Check out this wonderful poem about our park, by Barbara Winter
Bird Crazy
Ducks a dabbling, geese a scrabbling
Quacks and cawks. Beaks and mawks
Lots of webbed feet fiercely paddling
Listen to the parrots talk

Ducklings splashing, geese a- dashing
Flamingos stand with graceful stance
Wings with coloured feathers flashing
Long legged cranes do slow step dance

Snakes so creepy, reptiles sleepy
Tropical house with water falls
Fish that cruise the ponds so deeply
Darting birds that sing and call

Wallabies staring rabbits sharing
Penguins waddling to the pool
Meerkats posing, chipmunks dozing
Otters trying to keep cool

Streams a burbling, downhill gurgling
Fountains, waterfalls display
Saw the goldfish, saw the finches
Must come back another day

Seaview Wildlife Park is great
There is so much to do and see
Café, shop and ice cream stall
A good day out for you and me


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pongo, Lula and Sangu’s lucky day!

Well our trio of Meerkats certainly had a good day today as they were surprised with three Meerkat Encounters, which for them means lots of treats!

Our first Encounter was enjoyed by Mother and Daughter, Brenda and Keri and this afternoon by birthday lady Sandy. All very keen Penguin enthusiasts had a great time and here are a few photos to share…

Monday, 24 June 2013

Magical Private Tour

What a wonderful day we had here at the park yesterday! Paul, the Manager of our local Tesco store visited with his wife Sally and eight of their friends for a private encounter tour of the park. It was Pauls extra special birthday treat for Sally as she was celebrating her 50th birthday and she did not have a clue where she was heading out to in the morning with her group of friends !
This is the first time we have had this many people in for our special Encounters so both Charlotte, Fern and with the help of Sally (from the gift shop) we were able to make the day a fun filled adventure! They met and sang the national anthem with Sammy our adorable opera singing Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot together with Baz and Holly our African Greys that whistle and dance to any tune!  The fun loving group cuddled ducklings in the incubation house, held the bugs and reptiles in the Tropical House meeting Damien our inquisitive and fiesty Green Crested Touraco who came and joined in the fun and so much more!
Sally meets baby roo.
The whole group in the tropical house, as you can see we asked Paul to wear the GoPro to record their day.
Everyone got the chance to meet the mischievous meerkats!
After feeding and having cuddles with some of the penguins ‘Everyone say Dippy!’
Feeding the wallabies their afternoon fruit and veg.
     Fun feeding the greedy ducks at the lower lake.
Then at the end of the day Sally was met with Cake and sung to in the cafe. 
           Everyone said they had a fabulous time! We ALL didn’t stop laughing the whole way round. It was a lovely afternoon for us too. Thank you for coming to the park and joining in the madness!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Wildest Place for a Special Date for four!

On Tuesday we had the pleasure of celebrating Catherine’s birthday along with the rest of her family, Nigel, Judith and Jessica.
Apart from Nigel feeling a little sore after Horace ,our naughty Pink Back Pelican, who obviously very hungry this morning almost swallowed his arm in one, they had a wonderful time meeting all our feathery and furry friends here at the Park….
Finished off with a champagne lunch!


Here’s what our VIP’s  very kindly wrote on Dippy’s facebook page…..   (
“It was great to see you on Tuesday, Dippy, when we came along for our 'Wildest Date' and saw you and your penguin pals, the meerkats, the wallabies, the alpacas, the pelicans, the miniature pigs and had a champagne lunch. We had a lovely time - thank you all so much for a wonderful day - with Nigel Price, Jessica Price and Judy.”
 “We have visited this friendly and well-cared-for wildlife park on a number of occasions and can strongly recommend it as a family day out. For special occasions, the 'Wildest Date' experience is a wonderful way for grown-ups to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Our party of four - including one visually impaired person - were treated to a personal programme of interaction with a variety of animals - wallabies, alpacas, penguins, pelicans, pigs and meerkats - and then given a waitress service champagne lunch on the terrace at the cafe. All the staff were really kind and friendly and went out of their way to make this a truly happy and memorable birthday treat.”
If you  would like to treat someone special to one of our Wildest Date packages follow this link and BOOK NOW!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Best Wishes to Keeper Jo!

DSC_0839There is never a dull moment when working as an animal keeper here at the park. Between being chased by geese, getting your shoes chewed by the otters, or your legs pecked by cheeky penguins- you learn how to deal with the unexpected!
Jo, one of the parks animal keepers has had a very busy week! First she had a close encounter with one of our cheeky Amazon Parrots called Spartacus. He likes to land on the keepers shoulders and nibble their ears and chew the microphone head set!
mso1A259 - Copy-001
Then later in the week Jo had an incident with one of our Pygmy Goats called Ollie. He is a very boisterous and strong character who always wants attention from the keepers!
Unfortunately this left Jo with a broken wrist!
Basil & Olly 6 Oct (resized) - Copy-001DSC_0842
From all the team here at the park we would like to wish her a speedy recovery!

Get Well Soon Jo!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fabulous comments from this weeks visitors book

  Third generation visit and it’s as lovely as ever – so well kept and obviously well loved.  Fountains were fabulous and all the team so friendly and helpful.  Thank you and see you again soon “

Asian Short-Clawed Otter with stone jpg
“  A place we feel so comfortable with, one no-one should miss, to be able to enjoy at your own leisure time, for one price without being hassled or moved on is a good reason to come again to this Island Paradise.  Thanks to all staff on your wonderful work”

DSC_0236- epz up
“  I have been coming here since 1982, first with my children and now with my grandchildren.  Loved it then, love it now.  The best animal encounter on the Island.  Well done and I hope I might even bring my great grandchildren here in the fullness of time”

Duck at Seaview 060513 low res
“  The 6th visit and just as good as ever!  Won a competition this time for entry and enjoyed every minute.  It’s a credit to all the wonderful caring people who keep this place going!  WELL DONE !! “

flying snow goose

Friday, 14 June 2013

Walk with Dinosaurs this Summer on the Isle of Wight!


Head over to Seaview Wildlife this weekend if you want some peace and quiet

If you want to escape the Festival this weekend why not head over to the North East of the Isle and spend some time at ‘Super Special Seaview’. 

Lower Lake and fountains

Our hidden gem is the perfect peaceful retreat to while away some time in the company of some wonderful characters that Team Seaview are sure will put a smile on your face!

Thursday, 13 June 2013


Extracts from Dippy’s Adventures on the Isle Of Wight
I decided to take a trip over to Freshwater Bay to one of my favourite places on the Isle of Wight, Dimbola Lodge. This is a very old building that used to belong to a famous Victorian lady called Julia Margaret Cameron. She is known as one of the earliest photographers in history to have taken photographs and call them works of art.
As I wondered through the rooms of the house, I gazed at the many photographs on the walls, beautiful faces captured in atmospheric pictures. The view from the window upstairs is of a green grass field full of daises and meadow flowers blossoming, with cows grazing in the bright sunshine, beyond this is Freshwater Bay with it’s curved bright white chalk cliff surrounding a pebbled beach.
After my little daydreaming gaze out of the window I fancied having a bit of fun dressing up in some old Victorian clothes. I tried on several outfits and even got my photo taken in them so I can show all my penguin friends. I then wandered down the large staircase when I heard a very big rumbling sound coming from my belly – it must be teatime! I waited until the tearoom was empty and whilst nobody was looking I climbed up and had a cheeky little wander across the table top, a bit naughty but what fun !

I fancied a very large cream tea today, with a fruit scone filled with juicy raisins, sweet strawberry jam and a whirl of tasty cream. To drink I had an ice-cream soda, a tall glass of lemonade with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top, the bubbles flowed over the glass top as I sipped through the straw filling my belly with delight !

Before returning home I had a little walk in the gardens, flowers of all colours blooming and filling the air with rosy scents. There is a very large bronze statue in this garden of another famous person known as Jimi Hendrix. He was a rock star who stayed at Dimbola Lodge and played his guitar at the first Isle of Wight Festival. Another super photo to go into my album. After this busy afternoon I travelled back to Seaview, where I had a long cool dip in my penguin pool, now I felt fully rested and relaxed.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Junior Wildlife Experience- Isaac Hughes

Today nine year old Isaac Hughes enjoyed the morning meeting and interacting with many of our Animals during a Junior Wildlife Experience.

Although Isaac was a little taken a-back by being mobbed by Wallabies and clambered on by Meerkats, he over came many of his uncertainties and loved holding our young Corn Snake and meeting Baby Roo!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Another fantastic letter sent in to Team seaview…..

“  Dear Sir / Madam

On the 21st May 2013 we came to Seaview,  last time we came it was Flamingo Park.  We had a wonderful day.  I very much like the Meerkats and was bought by my husband a group of ornaments from the gift shop after we had lunch.  The lady in the shop Sally was very helpful and told us we could have a Meerkat Encounter if available.

I accepted and booked in for 2.15pm that afternoon.  Beccy (keeper) came and fetched me and took me to meet the Meerkats and it was just magical.  The three of them perched on my lap feeding fruit and mealworms it was the highlight of my holiday.  Thank all your staff for my wonderful visit.  Yours sincerely Wendy Graham”

Monday, 3 June 2013

Our Beautiful Park

At this time of year the park is looking at its best. Flowers are in full bloom and newly hatched goslings can be seen grazing with their parents by the lake.
Here are a few photos taken earlier today of a very cute Barnacle Gosling family and our grown up Canada Goslings.
All around the park stunning blossoms and flowers can be seen with an array of different colours.
Why not come and see us as super special Seaview and see the beauty for yourself. Visit our website for more details about our wonderful park.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Junior Wildlife Experience

Yesterday Eleanor Marshall enjoyed a wild encounter with all the animals at the park, her favourite being the Penguins and Wallabies.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Amazing praise for Team Seaview

From: Lou Hewison
Sent: Saturday, June 01, 2013 6:47 PM
Subject: Son's party
We have just returned home after spending the afternoon at Seaview Wildlife Encounter for my son Max’s birthday party and I have to commend you on an absolutely fantastic experience!! Your staff are all so friendly, the park is so clean and the animals are fantastic (my favourite was the super friendly wallabies!). Max was over the moon when he was mentioned during the penguin feeding and he was even more elated when he found out that he had an adoption certification for Dippy!! The food that was provided for the children was absolutely lovely, and was all obviously freshly prepared. The catering staff were also great and were really great with helping me organise the cake and so forth. In short, I cannot praise you highly enough for a wonderful afternoon that was worth every penny and I will not hesitate to recommend this wonderful experience to my friends. We will certainly be re-visiting you for a full day out during the summer months and Max can’t wait to see Dippy again!
Heartfelt thanks to every one of you!

Louise Hewison
HiRes resized Flying Penguin
Hi Lou
Wow...what a great email to show Team Seaview ( they will be thrilled). Thank you so much for taking the time to email in and I will pass this on to all our wonderful staff. We are all really happy that Max and your party had a great time at the Park - thank you Lou and Dippy looks forward to Max visiting again soon!
Kind regards
Lorraine Adams

The not so Ugly Duckling

You may remember a month or so ago one of our Nene eggs, otherwise known as Hawaiian Goose, hatched in one of our incubators!
With no other Geese for company he not only made friends with Baby Roo, our orphaned Joey but also two orphaned ducklings. Ever since the trio have been inseparable and have all lived happily together for the past couple of months in a nice secure enclosure and looked after by all of our Keepers….


Well look at them now…all grown up……


The Keepers can’t bring themselves to separate the three just yet so we will wait until the Nene Goose has grown all his flight feathers and will then release him to stretch his wings along with his Duck friends. Who knows whether this will be a life long friendship, only time will tell but we will keep you informed!