Thursday, 20 June 2013

Best Wishes to Keeper Jo!

DSC_0839There is never a dull moment when working as an animal keeper here at the park. Between being chased by geese, getting your shoes chewed by the otters, or your legs pecked by cheeky penguins- you learn how to deal with the unexpected!
Jo, one of the parks animal keepers has had a very busy week! First she had a close encounter with one of our cheeky Amazon Parrots called Spartacus. He likes to land on the keepers shoulders and nibble their ears and chew the microphone head set!
mso1A259 - Copy-001
Then later in the week Jo had an incident with one of our Pygmy Goats called Ollie. He is a very boisterous and strong character who always wants attention from the keepers!
Unfortunately this left Jo with a broken wrist!
Basil & Olly 6 Oct (resized) - Copy-001DSC_0842
From all the team here at the park we would like to wish her a speedy recovery!

Get Well Soon Jo!

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