Monday, 24 June 2013

Magical Private Tour

What a wonderful day we had here at the park yesterday! Paul, the Manager of our local Tesco store visited with his wife Sally and eight of their friends for a private encounter tour of the park. It was Pauls extra special birthday treat for Sally as she was celebrating her 50th birthday and she did not have a clue where she was heading out to in the morning with her group of friends !
This is the first time we have had this many people in for our special Encounters so both Charlotte, Fern and with the help of Sally (from the gift shop) we were able to make the day a fun filled adventure! They met and sang the national anthem with Sammy our adorable opera singing Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot together with Baz and Holly our African Greys that whistle and dance to any tune!  The fun loving group cuddled ducklings in the incubation house, held the bugs and reptiles in the Tropical House meeting Damien our inquisitive and fiesty Green Crested Touraco who came and joined in the fun and so much more!
Sally meets baby roo.
The whole group in the tropical house, as you can see we asked Paul to wear the GoPro to record their day.
Everyone got the chance to meet the mischievous meerkats!
After feeding and having cuddles with some of the penguins ‘Everyone say Dippy!’
Feeding the wallabies their afternoon fruit and veg.
     Fun feeding the greedy ducks at the lower lake.
Then at the end of the day Sally was met with Cake and sung to in the cafe. 
           Everyone said they had a fabulous time! We ALL didn’t stop laughing the whole way round. It was a lovely afternoon for us too. Thank you for coming to the park and joining in the madness!

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