Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dippys Adventures- Dippy with the Fossil Hunters from Southampton

If you missed Dippy’s adventures earlier this summer, here is another chance to catch up on all his activities so far…

16th May 2013

I learnt some very interesting things today, I met up with some palaeontologists at Alum Bay, these are people who are very clever and study fossils and layers in the ground. I collected some of the multi coloured sands in my buckets, popped onto the chairlift up to Alum Bay Park and had a wonderful time filling a little glass lighthouse ornament in striped layers – it was brilliant !
I then had a cool glass of lemonade before returning to my penguin pool to see all my other penguin friends.

Dippy with Southampton Paleontologists

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


The Park closes this coming Sunday November 3rd.  We have had a fantastic season and when closed we get under way with packing up all departments… Gifts, Catering and Entrance Reception areas, taking down all the signage, storing away table and chairs, benches and bins and concentrating on maintenance tasks, upgrading areas, implementing marketing plans for next year and  Staff take a well earned break!

Sun through the trees
All the animals still need health checking, feeding and cleaning daily so we always have keepers in each day no matter what the weather to look after our precious stock.  Once the Christmas break is over the momentum builds again with the count down to once again opening for the 2014 season on March 29th.

Willow trees at Lower Lake

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Half term Junior Wildlife Encounters

Today we had the pleasure of welcoming 11 year old Dominic from Somerset, who joined us at the Park for the morning to enjoy his ‘Junior Wildlife Experience’ birthday treat!

Dominic is an avid Animal enthusiast so he thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of our furry and scaly friends that we have here at the Park. Here are just a few snap shots of his morning spent with Keepers.


This afternoon we were joined by the very enthusiastic Amber, who just didn’t stop smiling. Here are a few photos of Amber’s experience with us today.



If you would like to book an experience with us for next year, click on the link below to find out more.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Dippy’s adventures on the Isle of Wight!

imageWe all know how much Dippy loves swimming and splashing around with all his pals in his super duper pool here at Seaview but did you know he also likes to have an occasional swim in the deep blue sea!
After the Keepers and visitors have left the Park and ventured home, Dippy takes the opportunity to set off on his own adventures visiting beautiful locations on the Isle of Wight each with its own story to tell.
Here is where the story began….

Hello boys and girls my name is Dippy the penguin!
I live here with all my penguin friends in our super duper pool at Seaview Wildlife Encounter. We have lots of fun in our penguin pool, swimming around our crystal water fountains and zooming down our speedy penguin slide. When it’s dinner time, we all jump and dive in and out of the deep water making lots of noise and splashing everywhere trying to catch the dippylicious fish to fill our bellies.
Boys and girls, you may just think that we live in an ordinary penguin pool and that I am an ordinary penguin – but I am about to tell you a very big secret. As well as being Dippy the champion fish catcher, I also have another very special magic power. . .
If you look at our penguin pool you will see some tall white cliffs with a big red and white striped lighthouse at the end. This is a very special lighthouse, around the back is a tiny wooden door just big enough for me to squeeze through . . .when I fancy a little trip out I go inside the magical lighthouse, a bright light on top flashes and sparkles and takes me to the giant Needles Lighthouse at Alum Bay. Here, I open another little door, and step outside onto the rocks surrounded by the big blue sea. My Dippy adventures begin from here, to wonderful places all over the Isle of Wight.
Dippy on his way home low res
To follow Dippy on his wonderful adventures around the Isle of Wight check out his website….

Saturday, 19 October 2013


  My husband, myself and my son (46 years old) had a really interesting day.  Everybody was really informative of the Wildlife and my son enjoyed the day enormously especially feeding the Penguins”

penguin underwater swimming
  I think this place is amazing because there are so many animals and I nearly finished all my camera space here ! “

Meerkat and Camera 
  What a smashing place to spend an afternoon!  We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and being the centre of the ducks and geese world – well while we have food that is ! “

Charlie feeding the ducks
  “  Having a lovely day at the Park especially loved the wallabies and Alpacas.  Excellent – long may it continue to provide a place for adults and children to get close to nature”


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Robert braves the weather for his 3rd Keeper for a Day experience

Robert braved the wind and the rain to join us for his third Keeper for a Day experience with us yesterday. Due to the adverse weather conditions and no visitors the park closed its gates. This meant that Robert had the whole park to himself!

After a rather soggy morning the sun broke through the clouds and the rain cleared. We hope the weather didn't spoil your visit Robert, it was a pleasure having you here with us for a third time, we hope to see you next year!
If you would like to book a special Keeper for a Day experience click on the link below for more details.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Autumn Newsletter 2013

Autumn leaves are falling, the nights are drawing in and only a short time to go until we close (3rd November) for the winter.
This summer’s imagewarm, fine weather has meant that we have welcomed lots of visitors to the Park this season and continue to lead the way with personal, one-on-one Wildlife Experiences!

We had a great season of Penguin, Meerkat and Combo Encounters allowing visitors to experience a unique personal encounter with their favourite Animal, as well as hosting the increasingly popular “Keeper for a Day”, “Junior Wildlife Experience” and “Wildest Date” Encounters.

DSC_0494It seems the Keepers haven’t been the only ones busy this summer as Dippy our oldest and dearest Penguin has also been out and about on secret adventures visiting beautiful Island locations!

You can follow Dippy’s adventures on Facebook and by visiting his website

imageFollowing Dippy on Facebook?
Get up to date information about the Park all year round at

The Wallaby Joeys that were so tiny earlier in the summer are spending more time hopping about in Wallaby Walkabout and less time tucked up in the safety of their mothers’ pouches. image
If you visited the Park you may have met Jacob, our adorable orphaned Albino Joey who is being hand reared by Keepers and is becoming more and more independent and very much loved by everyone!

Our Chilean Flamingos have bred very well again this year. To date we currently have seen 12 Flamingo Chicks with more eggs to hatch!

Although our Flamingos are always the last to breed they are by no means the first as our breeding duck enclosures rapidly became a safe haven for many mums and ducklings this year!
Penguin Pool 5 July 2010

As another year draws to a close we would like to thank everyone for their on- going support and look forward to welcoming all our Visitors again next year!

Warmest wishes From Dippy and his pals
...and all the Team at Seaview Wildlife


Why not book your VIP Wildlife Encounter for this October half term holiday or Spring 2014?

In addition to our nine daily Wildlife Keeper Presentations our extra special one-on-one Wildlife Encounters have been extremely popular this summer. “An experience of a lifetime” for adults and children alike, these Encounters offer really close up, personal time, feeding and getting to know the animals (Personal DVD of images included). Choose from:
· Keeper for a Day (ages 12 – 112!)
· Junior Wildlife Experience (ages 6 – 15)
· Penguin or Meerkat Encounter (or Combo Encounters with both) (adults and children 6+)
· Wildest Place for a Special Date (adults, 18+)
For more information please see our website:
Pre-booking is essential; to check availability please email or phone 01983 612153.

“Brilliant Penguin Encounter Experience.  All staff so friendly and welcoming we felt like stars.  Will recommend.  I TOUCHED A PENGUIN! “

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Exciting Autumn Animal Encounters Continue!

Even though the nights are drawing in and the weather is starting to get gloomy, there is still a buzz of activity here at the park with our fantastic animal encounters always proving very popular!
It seems over the past few weeks our Penguins and Meerkats have been the favourites, with lots of visitors choosing to spend their special encounter with them!
DSC_0312 - Copy-001
Here are some of the teams favourite photos of our most recent guests:
Everyone here at the park would like to say a big thank you to all of you who have visited us so far this year!
If you are interested in having your own special wildlife encounter with our animals, take a look at the website for more information: