Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Dippy’s adventures on the Isle of Wight!

imageWe all know how much Dippy loves swimming and splashing around with all his pals in his super duper pool here at Seaview but did you know he also likes to have an occasional swim in the deep blue sea!
After the Keepers and visitors have left the Park and ventured home, Dippy takes the opportunity to set off on his own adventures visiting beautiful locations on the Isle of Wight each with its own story to tell.
Here is where the story began….

Hello boys and girls my name is Dippy the penguin!
I live here with all my penguin friends in our super duper pool at Seaview Wildlife Encounter. We have lots of fun in our penguin pool, swimming around our crystal water fountains and zooming down our speedy penguin slide. When it’s dinner time, we all jump and dive in and out of the deep water making lots of noise and splashing everywhere trying to catch the dippylicious fish to fill our bellies.
Boys and girls, you may just think that we live in an ordinary penguin pool and that I am an ordinary penguin – but I am about to tell you a very big secret. As well as being Dippy the champion fish catcher, I also have another very special magic power. . .
If you look at our penguin pool you will see some tall white cliffs with a big red and white striped lighthouse at the end. This is a very special lighthouse, around the back is a tiny wooden door just big enough for me to squeeze through . . .when I fancy a little trip out I go inside the magical lighthouse, a bright light on top flashes and sparkles and takes me to the giant Needles Lighthouse at Alum Bay. Here, I open another little door, and step outside onto the rocks surrounded by the big blue sea. My Dippy adventures begin from here, to wonderful places all over the Isle of Wight.
Dippy on his way home low res
To follow Dippy on his wonderful adventures around the Isle of Wight check out his website….

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