Thursday, 29 October 2009


27th October, 2009

Dear Miss Adams,

As Deputy Leader of the Isle Of Wight Council and Cabinet Member with responsibilities for Tourism, I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you personally and on behalf of the Isle Of Wight Council following your recent success at the 2009 Tourism Excellence Awards, organised by Tourism South East.

There are many successful businesses within the tourism industry here on the Island and winning Silver in the Best Tourism Experience category is a huge achievement and further establishes and reinforces the developing reputation of the Isle Of Wight as a visitor destination.

Best wishes for your continued success,

Yours sincerely,

Councillor Cllr George Brown M.A. (Cantab)
Isle Of Wight Councillor for Cowes Medina,
Deputy Leader & Cabinet Member for Economy, Tourism, Leisure and Planning.


We are incredibly proud to announce our success at last week's South East Tourism awards held at the prestigious Wentworth Club in Surrey. Seaview Wildlife Encounter was presented with the Silver Award in the category "Best Visitor Experience". Lorraine and Jules are both horrified at the only photo that has been forwarded of the event, but Gyles Brandreth is so dashing and hopefully makes up for the other two! The judges, who visited Seaview Wildlife Encounter during August this year described the Park as a "tremendous family-run attraction". This award marks the beginning of a new chapter of achievement and excellence for us. We're looking forward to the winter months to have some extra time to crystalise our many exciting ideas for the year ahead. Watch this space ..........................!

Monday, 26 October 2009

A few words from our photographer friend...

Our photographer friend Mark Harding has posted a nice note to congratulate us on our recent award, more news to come from us on that later, but here's a taster:

"I must say a heart-felt congratualtions to my friends at Seaview Wildlife Encounter, who this week were awarded SILVER at the Tourism South East TOURISM EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2009. Since working with Lorraine and Jules this year to help them with their imaging requirements for the park, I have seen how dedicated they are both to their animals, and to the visiting public.

Zoos and wildlife parks are sometimes criticised for keeping animals captive that might otherwise be out in the wild, but there is an undoubted importance to the role that parks play in the education of youngsters and adults in the importance of conservation, and such places are the first contact many people have with wildlife. Often that first contact grows into an undying respect for wildlife, and is the birthplace of many conservation minds.

I have just judged the annual wildlife photographer competiton that occurs at Seaview Wildlife Encounter, and you can see the winning images I chose over at their site.

Well done to everyone at the park, keep up the great work

You can keep an eye on what mark is up to, we've linked to his blog over on the right.

Tara arrives in Africa!

Well after a long flight I finally arrived safely in Capetown on Friday! So far I have seen Southern Right Whales, African Penguins, Baboons, Lizards, Pelicans and Seals...a wildlife heaven! The picture here is taken along The Chapman's Drive which is beautiful like everything else I have seen so far! My first day at SANCCOB begins tommorrow which I am very excited about as I have missed the smell of fish and of course the penguins!

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Hi There,

I would just like to feedback on what an amazing day I had on Thursday 22nd October, 2009 while visiting your Park with my family (5 adults). It was the first and only attraction that we had visited during my week on the IOW where we spent a full day there without having to find something else to do in the afternoon.

I enjoyed the way that certain wildlife were allowed to roam freely around and mingle with the visitors (ducks, chickens, fowl). I also like how the wallaby's were allowed to hop onto the visitors path allowing you to pet them and get up close with them.

The different experiences such as the pelican, penguin, bird feeding etc.. were also a perfect addition to the experiences of the Park. I would especially like to commend Jake on his excellent and informative talks that he gave. He was very approachable when asking questions and able to answer them all with ease. He helped to make my day a very enjoyable one indeed, so please pass on my thanks.

If you would like any further feedback on my day then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Kind regards,

Andrew Anthony
Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Our Photographer of the Year Competition Results (Adult).

Here are the long awaited results of the Photographer of the Year Competition. I was honoured when I was asked recently to be the Judge of this years contest. I have just got back from a long photographic expedition and conservation project in Ecuador, studying Manta Rays and exploring the Amazon. Just as I was looking forward to a dreary winter back in the UK, being asked to judge this competiton was a great reminder of the importance of the Seaview Wildlife Encounter's role in getting people to encounter wildlife from an early age, and hopefully then growing up with a passion for wildlife and conservation. I have always been impressed with the variety of animals and birds and how happy and healthy they always look at the park. This makes it such a great place for photography.

Next years photographic competition will hopefully be as well subscribed, and I have already spoken with Lorraine and Jules about some ideas for new categories and entry methods. If anyone is looking to improve their technique in preparation, I am going to host some photographic tuition days at the park during spring and summer of 2010. Look out on the website for more details. Incidentally, if anyone is interested in looking at what I have been up to in Eucador, my blog can be found at

Mark Harding.

Now, here are the results:

First Place. Peacock Feather by Sandra Funnell. Beautiful image, great composition, and a real eye for the things that often pass us by unnoticed.

Second Place. Crowned Crane by Gavin Muncaster. A really lovely composition, and fantastic Colours. Well spotted opportunity.

Third Place. Asian Short Clawed Otter by Keith Robinson. A difficult subject, always running about a lot and difficult to capture in a good pose. This is a stunning pose and the black and white really brings out the texture of that fur.

Highly Commended. Pink Backed Pelican by Michaela Wild. I really like this image, and wanted to grade it higher, the lighting is beautiful. However, I felt a little more space in front of the subject would have helped the composition.

Our Photographer of the Year Competition Result (junior).

Again, the junior results showed some beautiful images. There are some interesting portrayals of life within the park and the winning junior image shows the character of the subject in a well composed shot.

First Place. Bianca Morrison.

Second Place. Jordie Wright.

Third Place. Bianca Morrison.

Highly Commended. Lucy Norris.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009



Thank you for submitting an application for our Business Awards for Excellence 2009.

The panel met yesterday and I am pleased to tell you that you have been shortlisted for an award ~ The "GoWight Tourism and Leisure Award"... Congratulations.

The winners will be announced at our gala Awards Ceremony on the evening of Friday 27th November, 2009 at Cowes Yacht Haven. The evening will start with a four course gourmet meal with complimentary wine. After dinner the Awards Ceremony will take place and the winners will be presented with their awards. This prestigious corporate event will have a 'Fire and Ice' theme and there will be some top class entertainment to finish off the evening. Please note that this is a black tie event.

If you could let me know your requirements as soon as possible, I will reserve places for you as this event usually sells out, if you are unable to attend please let me know.

With kind regards,

Becky Harper,
Marketing & Membership Co-ordinator


"Congratulations to all staff having been coming to the Park for 40 years and better than ever" Gina & Derek Hones

"Having a fab and unique experience, the Park offers more than most others in its 'hands on' with children and feeding. Fab will recommend to all ~ thank you". Bailey ~ Gosport.

"Very enjoyable today, feeding commentary and knowledge excellent" Janet Dobson ~ Somerset.

Sunday, 18 October 2009



Thank you for the kind and thoughtful way in which you made our son Matthew's visit special.

He really enjoyed interacting with the animals and looks forward to his next visit.

It is a really nice thing to know that people will put themselves out to make something special happen for children and the disabled.

Kind regards,

Kym and Cheryl Wadey.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Tara's South African adventure begins!

The Time has come to bid farewell (for now) to all the animals and keepers at the park as I prepare to leave for my South African adventure!

I'm feeling very excited if not a little nervous as I'm sure the wild African Penguins I will be looking after won't be as friendly as 'Dippy', one of our favourite Humboldt Penguins at the park!

Well I have my passport and tickets ready to go, all I have to do is pack my bags, not forgetting the sun cream, and prepare myself for the 12 hour flight to Cape Town where I will be met by a member from the volunteer team!

I will try to keep everyone updated about my penguin and other wildlife encounters (including all the bites and bruises anticipated) during my stay in Cape Town via the blog, so please keep in touch!

I would just like to thank all the Keepers at the park and members of public who have shown a great deal of support and genorosity towards myself and SANCCOB, so THANKYOU to all and will see you in six weeks!!!

Quotes of the Week from our Visitors Book

"Amazing Park, best attraction on the Island. Loved being able to interact with the animals." Joe, Seaview.

"Really glad we came on a grey October day. Brilliant animals, great fun feeding them and hearing Boris the Cockatoo speak! Excellent experience". Helen, London.

"About the 7th time we have been and it's still great! Penguins always good value". Allison & Val, Surrey.

"Had a very good time. Great fun in the Wallaby enclosure! Had great fun feeding the ducks & geese! Great day!!! Darren, Laura, John from Southampton

"Lola enjoyed talking to the ducks which Mummy fed by hand! Lovely timex"
Benn, Victoria and Lola, Norfolk.

"ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS" Dawn, Chichester, West Sussex.

Thursday, 15 October 2009


At Seaview Wildlife Encounter we currently have four adult African Sacred Ibis (Threskiornis aethiopicus) in our collection – and we’re delighted to have expanded our flock with the recent hatching and successful fledging of two healthy chicks!

Sacred Ibis are a species of wading bird that breeds in sub-Saharan Africa and south eastern Iraq. They previously bred in Egypt where they were a symbol of one of the gods. This species of Ibis has been successfully introduced into the temperate climates of southern Europe as well as southern Florida in the United States.
Sacred Ibis prefer nesting in baobab tree colonies but here at the Park they’ve built their nest on a mound of dried mud, crowned with sticks. The female usually lays and incubates 2-3 eggs. In the wild they’re often found with other large wading birds such as Herons and Egrets; here at the Park they co-habit with our Lesser Flamingos who naturally occur in similarly marshy wetlands and mud flats.

Sacred Ibis are large predators measuring approximately 65 – 70cm in length; they have large, thick curved bills. Usually silent, the Sacred Ibis occasionally make croaking noises (especially the youngsters when they’re hungry!). In the wild their diet comprises of fish, amphibians, reptiles, smaller birds and insects. At the Park they enjoy fish, chicken and a balanced pellet produced specifically for waders.

The African Sacred Ibis is one of the avian species to which the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA) applies.
The two newly-fledged Sacred Ibis chicks are now regularly out and about at the Park. Interested visitors are encouraged view the youngsters before we close to the public for the winter season on 1st November.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Quotes of the week from our Visitors Book

"Best Park of its type we have been to in the UK & very well kept and imaginatively laid out" Borrett Family, London

"What a great day out, found the Park in Whats On Mag, excellent attraction. A wonderful day was had by the whole family!" Steve, Jill & Family ~ East Sussex.

"Grrrt Great! Amazing work guys ~ trying to beat last years record of 50 bags of duck food!" Lou & Rob, Bristol.

"Last visited 6 years ago...WOW changes are amazing. Fabulous day, will certainly be back!" Pearl & Dell ~ Surrey.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Focus on Lesser Flamingos

Seaview Wildlife Encounter is proud to be one of the most successful breeders of Caribbean and Chilean Flamingos in the United Kingdom. The focus is now shifting to the equally rare and endangered Lesser Flamingos, the only species yet to raise chicks at the Park. These birds are extremely difficult to raise in captivity and very few have ever been bred in the UK.
This week's project for the Animal Care Team has been to overhaul and enhance the Lessers' indoor nesting area at the Park in the hope that the Lessers may be enticed to consider breeding! Other species that previously shared the enclosure (Red-Breasted Geese and White Faced Whistling Ducks) have been re-sited so that interference (real or perceived) is minimised.
The old mud and clay floor in the indoor area has been power-hosed and removed. New soil was brought in to form the base of a re-vamped nesting area for the birds (who build their 'nests' out of mounds of damp mud). The area is being consistently warmed by a heat lamp and disturbance minimised by keeping the area as quiet as possible - away from public view and with limited keeper access.
The Lesser Flamingos will be closely monitored by the Team in the weeks ahead and any future happenings will be eagerly shared in our Blog!