Thursday, 28 July 2011

Keeper for a Day – Mia Kersey

Mia and her family are on the Island on holiday from Essex. Mia was treated to being a “Keeper for a Day” yesterday by her parents as a special treat! She said she really loved the day and enjoyed the close contact with all the animals – however, the Miniature Pigs (Alfie and Willis), were her absolute favourites! Here are a few images as a memento of Mia’s day:

Mia feeding Pelicans DSC_0806 Mia with Penguin DSC_0809

Mia with Ferret DSC_0857 Mia with Alfie & Willis DSC_0877

Mia with Henry Cooper DSC_0824 Mia with Henry Cooper DSC_0818

Chilean Flamingo chicks hatching!




Chilean Flamingos (Phoenicopterus chilensis) are ‘near threatened’ in the wild and do not breed readily in captivity. Seaview Wildlife Encounter on the Isle of Wight is proud to announce that their healthy, well-established flock has once again produced chicks! Three have hatched in the last few days. Two are still on their nests, whilst the oldest of the three - now all of four days old - is already on its feet and wandering in amongst the adult birds.

Image left shows two adult Chilean Flamingos incubating their eggs on hard mud ‘nests’ at Seaview Wildlife.


In the wild Chilean Flamingos are found in South America where they inhabit muddy, shallow lakes that are either alkaline or brackish. The soil surrounding the lakes is usually desert-like and barren of vegetation. Their breeding colonies can contain thousands of birds and after courtship rituals of synchronized dancing, preening, neck stretching and honking they mate during April and May.

Images right and below show Chilean Flamingo chick at Seaview Wildlife aged four day (27 July 2011).


The female lays one chalky white egg on a mud mound in shallow water. The nests are usually built about 1.5 m (4.9 ft) apart so that each chick is safe from neighbouring nests – parent birds are territorial during the breeding season. Both parents share in the incubation of their egg for 27 - 31 days after which time a small white fluffy chick emerges.
For the first few days after hatching the parent birds both feed the chick a substance called "crop milk" from their upper digestive tract. Other Flamingos can sometimes act as foster feeders. At the age of about one week the chicks gather together in crèches that are watched over by a few adult birds. As they grow, the chicks’ white baby plumage is gradually taken over by larger, grey feathers. Their beautiful Pink feathers only start to appear when they are nearly a year old and it’s only at 3 – 4 years of age when the Flamingos reach sexual maturity that they have their full adult plumage.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Press Release - Win free tickets to Seaview Wildlife this summer holiday!

image image

Get Healthy and win a trip to Seaview Wildlife Encounter, Isle of Wight!

FREE tickets to Seaview Wildlife are just one of the prizes you could be in with a chance of winning thanks to the launch of the Tesco Goodness range and the new film Zookeeper.

Seaview Wildlife has signed up to a brilliant new Zookeeper themed promotion coordinated by Tesco Goodness, Sony Pictures and BIAZA (the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums).

The three have all teamed up to offer an exciting range of prizes to anyone who makes a purchase from the new Tesco Goodness range. First prize is a 10 night family holiday to the USA including a sleepover at Franklin Park Zoo, Boston - the very zoo where Zookeeper was filmed. Other prizes include ‘Becoming a zookeeper for a day’ experiences, family zoo tickets and Zookeeper themed goodie bags.

If two or more Tesco Goodness products are purchased in a single transaction customers will instantly be able to redeem a free child ticket with a paying adult for one of over 50 BIAZA zoos and aquariums throughout the UK and Ireland including Seaview Wildlife Encounter.

Jules Brittan, General Manager at Seaview Wildlife Encounter said: “We are delighted to be a part of the Tesco/Zookeeper promotion. It is not only a great chance to encourage more people to visit Seaview Wildlife, but it allows us to promote healthy eating as well as offering visitors a fun day out.”

For more information and to redeem your ticket log on to

Getting kids to eat healthily is no mean feat, especially today with so much convenience food on offer. Now, Tesco have come up with the perfect solution by launching the Tesco Goodness range, aimed at kids, taste tested and approved by kids. This range offers lunchbox fillers, pre-prepared meals and snacks for your children to enjoy; allowing you the peace of mind of knowing your kids are both happy and healthy.

Tesco Goodness caters for all, offering products that will satisfy every child ranging from favourites such as sausage and mash, right through to ice lollies, and all meeting the strictest of guidelines around calories, protein, fat, added sugar and salt; with many products even offering one of their vital five a day.

The film Zookeeper tells the story of a kind-hearted keeper called Griffin Keyes (Kevin James) who is more comfortable around lions than the ladies. When Griffin decides to leave the zoo in search of a more glamorous job, and the love of his life Stephanie (Leslie Bibb), the animals break their code of silence and reveal to Griffin their biggest secret: they can talk! They begin teaching Griffin courtship – animal style. Many big names have lent their voices to this film, including Cher as Janet the Lioness, Sylvester Stallone as Joe the Lion, Adam Sandler as Donald the Capuchin Monkey and Jon Favreau and Faizon Love as Jerome and Bruce the Grizzly Bears.

The film is released nationwide on Friday 29th July and free tickets can be downloaded from today (Wednesday 27th July).

Wildest Place for a Special Date!

Rowan and Lydia Hill are currently holidaying on the Isle of Wight from Hertfordshire. Rowan booked this special date at Seaview Wildlife for his wife, Lydia, (who absolutely loves animals) in the hope that it would allow her to have “hands on time” with various species (and to enjoy VIP treatment at the Park!) By all accounts a very good time was had by both of them! Apparently Lydia hasn’t stopped talking about all her close encounters ever since …. thank you to you both for being such great participants!

Lydia & Rowan with moulting Penguins DSC_0603 Feeding Meerkats DSC_0621

Lydia & Meerkat DSC_0634 Lydia with Damien (Green Crested Touraco) DSC_0698

Rowan & Lydia with Henry Cooper DSC_0669 Rowan & Lydia with Wallabies DSC_0589

Lydia with Ned (Bearded Dragon) DSC_0705 Rowan & Lydia in Tropical House DSC_0692

Latest Adoption – Wallaby Joey named “Willow”


Many thanks to Anna who recently adopted one of our Bennett’s Wallaby Joeys.  Anna and her family are here on the Isle of Wight on holiday.  After visiting Seaview Wildlife Anna was rather taken by the Wallabies and asked if she could put her pocket money into adopting one of the Joeys.  Only a couple of the Wallabies have names so we were able to offer Anna the chance to name her adopted Wallaby – she chose the name “Willow” because the Wallaby mob were tucking in to some succulent willow leaves on the first day that Anna visited the Park!  We’ll be keeping Anna up to date with emailed newsletters during the year ahead and we look forward to welcoming her back to visit Willow again soon!


Anna and Willow July 11 (resized) DSC_0521

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Saturday, 23 July 2011



  Fantastic Zoo never been to one with so much feeding of the animals.  Baby Lewis loved it and so do we”   Shelley & Trevor & Baby Lewis

“  Wow"!! What a fantastic place! By far our best day out on the Isle Of Wight”  The Merrall Family

  This is our second year and visit – wouldn’t miss it for the world, absolutely great”  Mr & Mrs Sparshott & Lilly, Lincs.

  Lovely place – just as good as the first time we came 8 years ago – well done!!  Brandons, West Grinstead

  Fab birthday party and food, staff lovely – thank you”  Ventnor, IOW

“  Brought our daughter here for birthday treat.  She loved it and she wants to work with animals.  Beautiful place and lovely day out.  Thank you”  Telford Family, Soton

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lachlan – a natural Keeper – for a day – and maybe as a future career?

Our most recent Keeper for a Day was 12 year old Lachlan Morris from Grantham who was visiting the Island on holiday with his family last week. Lachlan is a charming young man who has a natural way with animals (and people!) The report-backs from the Animal Care Team were unanimous – Lachlan will make a really good Keeper one day! Thank you for choosing Seaview Wildlife Lachlan, and we look forward to welcoming you back to the Park again soon. I’ve included a few photos taken of you on your special day:

Lachlan feeding Penguins DSC_0391 Lachlan with Dippy DSC_0375Lachlan and Dippy DSC_0377

Lachlan feeding Pelicans DSC_0351 Lachlan with Henry Cooper DSC_0396 Lachlan with Snake DSC_0451

Lachlan with Meerkat DSC_0479 Lachlan with Wallabies DSC_0468 Lachlan with Wallabies DSC_0454

Monday, 18 July 2011

An unlikely encounter (“Henry Cooper” meets Miniature Pigs!)

Henry Cooper, our orphaned Wallaby Joey, is becoming more and more active. We had him out in the Park a couple of days ago with a view to him meeting a couple of his associates. We placed Henry out in one of the outdoor runs thinking that he might be interested in meeting Mr Fluffy, our Giant New Zealand white rabbit, but neither Henry nor Mr Fluffy seemed in the slightest bit interested. Then, quite unexpectedly, Henry turned his attentions towards Alfie and Willis, our two Miniature Pigs in the next door enclosure ….

Henry & Mr Fluffy completely ignoring each other! DSC_0401

Henry Cooper and Mr Fluffy seen here - completely ignoring each other!

Henry checks out Alfie & Willis DSC_0418

Henry notices the two Miniature Pigs, Alfie and Willis, snuffling under the fence of the next door enclosure!

Henry picks up the Piggy scent! DSC_0425

Henry leans over his backpack (it’s his keeper-made pouch!) to get a closer look (and smell) of Alfie.

Hmmmm now these two look are a bit different! DSC_0430

The Pigs and Henry Cooper seem really inquisitive about each other – Henry can be seen here getting closer!

Nose to nose - Henry and Alfie! DSC_0406

Henry takes the plunge and gets nose to nose with Alfie through the fence!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Steve Teresa Tearle Wildest Date

Image: Steve and Teresa Tearle – Wildest Place for a Special Date

Hi Tara,

On behalf of both Teresa and myself I would like to express our sincere thanks for such a fantastic and memorable day.

We both had a truly great time getting up close and friendly to your office colleagues – it was a real treat to share their space.

A big thanks for your photos, shared knowledge and all your efforts in making it such a special day for us.  I am sure that we will be back very soon with my sisters jealous kids and will also recommend the Park to our holiday guests.

Keep up the good work! 

All the best,

Steve & Teresa x


40th anniv SWE logo

Hello from all of us here at Seaview Wildlife!

The summer holidays are on their way – and we’re looking forward to welcoming you back to the Park – to visit all your favourite friends!


Here’s an update on a few of the Park’s characters:

Dippy and his Penguin pals are in the midst of their annual moult – and looking like threadbare teddies! Every summer, over the course of a few weeks, the Penguins lose all their feathers then grow back beautiful new ones!


During spring and summer there are hundreds of cute ducklings and goslings around the Park. Most of the parent birds are wild; they choose Seaview Wildlife as a safe, bountiful place to raise their broods and many are seen returning year after year!


Henry Cooper’, an orphaned Wallaby Joey, is being hand-reared by the Animal Care Team. Named after the late, great, boxing champion (because of his fighting spirit), Henry is about 4 months old, and although very tiny he’s feeding well and growing a little every week. He spends most of his time in the warmth of a blanket-lined backpack – chosen to imitate the safety of his mother’s pouch!


Our two Alpacas have just been sheared! Although perhaps not quite as handsome as with their full fleeces, the shearing allows natural sunlight (and vitamin D) to be absorbed through their skin, essential for good health and well-being.

Why not take a walk on the wild side this summer, at the Island’s exclusive wildlife getaway!


Wildest Place for a Special Date!


Be a Keeper for a Day!

Sally Green with Meerkat (resized) 0102

BE A KEEPER FOR A DAY - FOR AGES 12+ Our Keeper For a Day scheme is the ultimate treat for any animal lover wanting to experience something really special ….. a really close encounter with our birds and animals. This is the gift of a lifetime!

Come and work side by side with one of our experienced Keepers. You’ll be able to look after Penguins, Meerkats, Alpacas and Wallabies, feed and fuss over our furry friends in Pets Corner and spend time with a whole array of different birds! If you’re keen you can get up close and personal with the bugs and reptiles too!

- Full details on “Wildest Place for a Special Date” and “Be a Keeper for a Day” are available on our website:

Junior Wildlife Experience!Launching this Monday 19th July 2011!!


The very newest of our 2011 summer experiences – THE JUNIOR WILDLIFE EXPERIENCE – hot off the press – is being launched at the start of the summer holidays to run through until the end of October. Book early to avoid disappointment!

Due to popular demand this is a treat created for our younger guests :

"Junior Wildlife Experience"

Ages: 6 – 15 years (inclusive)

Duration: Two hours - from 10.15am - 12.15pm

Availability: Mon - Thurs each week excluding Bank Holidays.


10.15 - Greeting/induction

10.25 - 11.30 - A truly wonderful, bespoke, hands-on experience! Guided by a senior member of the Animal Care Team, this is a chance for young animal enthusiasts to get really close-up with Meerkats, Wallabies, Pigs and Rabbits (other animals/birds can be included depending on individual interests i.e. bugs and reptiles!)

11.30 - Penguin time! Listen in to the Penguin talk and then have personal, up-close time feeding Dippy and his pals!

12.00 - 12.15 - A slice of home-baked cake and biscuits with soft drinks or tea/coffee.

Cost: £50 per child - maximum 2 children per session (children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult whose admission is free, any additional adults admitted at special voucher rate).



Monday, 11 July 2011

Watching two Speckled Teal Ducklings emerge!

What a wonderful sight – the emergence of two tiny ducklings this morning in our incubation house. They’re Speckled Teals (Anas flavirostris), a South American species (sometimes referred to as Yellow-billed Teals) and although not listed as being ‘threatened’ by the IUCN they’re very precious to us!

We rescued two eggs from a pair of our captive Speckled Teals after discovering them cold and not being incubated - they’ve been kept at a constant temperature (36 degree C) for about 28 days in one of our incubators.

The image below shows the duckling emerging from its egg.

Emerging from egg in incubator July 11

Below – Just out of the egg!

Just emerged in incubator DSC_0309

Image below – the tiny duckling, aged only a few minutes old, has just been moved from the incubator to a brooder where it’ll spend the next couple of days being closely monitored by the Animal Care Team. It’s sibling was hatching only minutes later (and can be seen faintly in the background) – so hopefully the two will be good company for each other in these early stages. Once they’re a couple of weeks old they’ll be able to join some of our other ducklings in a protected outdoor enclosure.

Newly hatched in brooder DSC_0323

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Keeper for a Day- Becky Martin

After a week of holidaying with family on the Isle of Wight, it was time for Becky Martin to get her hands fishy and join the the Animal Care Team here at the Park for the day!

Becky’s family surprised her after seeing Hannah, our Keeper for a day on Saturday, enjoying herself so much and despite the showers I think Becky did too…..


We look forward to welcoming Becky and all her family back to the Park in the near future!