Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wildest Place for a Special Date!

Rowan and Lydia Hill are currently holidaying on the Isle of Wight from Hertfordshire. Rowan booked this special date at Seaview Wildlife for his wife, Lydia, (who absolutely loves animals) in the hope that it would allow her to have “hands on time” with various species (and to enjoy VIP treatment at the Park!) By all accounts a very good time was had by both of them! Apparently Lydia hasn’t stopped talking about all her close encounters ever since …. thank you to you both for being such great participants!

Lydia & Rowan with moulting Penguins DSC_0603 Feeding Meerkats DSC_0621

Lydia & Meerkat DSC_0634 Lydia with Damien (Green Crested Touraco) DSC_0698

Rowan & Lydia with Henry Cooper DSC_0669 Rowan & Lydia with Wallabies DSC_0589

Lydia with Ned (Bearded Dragon) DSC_0705 Rowan & Lydia in Tropical House DSC_0692

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