Monday, 29 June 2015

Seaview is a cool destination

Well… the forecast for the week ahead is for scorching hot weather !  The keeper team have beeen having fun with cooling down enrichment activities for many of the Park’s inhabitants..
DSC_0355 (2) DSC_0358 (2) DSC_0362 (2)
Our Green-Winged Macaw having a ‘ splashing time ‘….

DSC_0332 (2) _DSC4846 penguin1 seaview mynews_sun_cream_06 (5) penguins in action penguin underwater swimming
Our Penguin Colony need a spray of sunblock on their moulting backs and a dip in their pool !

wallowing piggie DSC_0378 (2) DSC_0409
Our Pets Corner Pals chilling out and relaxing with the cool options….

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

June Offer – Afternoon weekend Tea Package


Afternoon Tea is a real treat at Seaview...
Special Offer for the month of June - weekends only. Served in a beautiful setting our Afternoon Tea package costs £12.00 to include afternoon entry to the Park from 2pm - 4.30pm and features dainty finger sandwiches , freshly baked scone with jam and clotted cream, cake of the day with traditional English tea or a tea of your choice all lovingly prepared by our talented chefs.
Weekend offer until June 28th... Take afternoon tea at Seaview from 2pm - 5pm
Terms & Conditions:
1. Weekends only from 2pm - 5pm (No admittance before 2pm)
2. Offer ends June 28th 2015
3. Entry and afternoon tea package costs £12 per person
4. No booking or reservation necessary - pay on arrival at reception from 2pm onwards

Afternoon Tea

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Amazing quotes from our Visitors Book

Sharing some quotes from our guests that sign in our visitors book.  This is good marketing material for the Park to ensure we are on the right track, that our guests are happy and that our team are providing a first class service – talking of our team what a great team in place this 2015 season.  A truly unique blend of friendly, happy folk that have real  attention to detail,  willing the company to do well and the Directors are loving the positive attitude and vibe …. keep up the good work guys !

A gem on the Island !  Beautifully landscaped and maintained.  Could spend all day here – wonderful “

Deckchairs 010714 02

Best place on the Island can visit here so many times and it never gets boring.  My favourite place I love it “

catering folder (2)

Best place to visit on the Island by far all the animals are well looked after and the whole park is exceptionally clean.  Will be visiting every year when possible “
Seaview Wildlife Encounter 070615 05

  Utterly fantastic time here so many lovely animals to see – love the ducks “!
Seaview Wildlife Encounter 070615 06

  Been coming here since I was a little girl and mainly flamingos.  Beautiful park in a beautiful location.  Son had a wildlife experience which was great and something he will always remember.  My favourite place on the IOW xx “

prawn sandwich 1

  Totally amazing, really enjoyed our day.  The kids have been counting down the days for weeks to come and meet the Meerkats and Penguins.  What an experience !  Totally FAB !!! Plus, all the staff were so friendly and helpful.  Thank you so much will defiantly recommend and be back “

  Three generations have enjoyed a wonderful day here – thank you.  Animals, birds, staff and food superb – many thanks “


Came back for the 11th year running had a great time as always – liking the new additions – donkeys, deckchairs and beach huts “

Seaview Wildlife Encounter 260315 07


Monday, 15 June 2015

Chilean Flamingos have started to lay their first eggs of the 2015 season

Our group of Chilean Flamingos are prolific breeders and we have a very successful breeding group at the Park.  We have been getting around 18 healthy chicks per season , perfectly hatched and in good health.

Chilean Flamingos breed in colonies and after courtship rituals of synchronized dancing, preening, neck stretching and honking they mate during April and May.


They produce one chalky white egg that is laid on a mud mound .   Both parents incubate the egg which takes 27 - 31 days to hatch. They will defend their nest during the breeding season, otherwise they are non-territorial.


After the chick first hatches they are fed a substance called "crop milk" which comes from the parents' upper digestive tract. Either parent can feed the chick this way and other flamingos can act as foster feeders. When the chicks are old enough to walk they gather together in creches that are watched over by a few adult birds. By the time young flamingos reach 3 - 5 years of age they will have reached sexual maturity and gained their full adult plumage.

chicks 2014

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Conservation Project

Reddish Buff Moth Project
(Acosmetia caliginosa)
Seaview Wildlife has become greatly involved in the conservation and monitoring  of an extremely rare Moth. The Reddish Buff Moth which is classed as an endangered species, breeds in sparse open vegetation where the larvae feed on leaves of Saw-wort and is only found in very localised areas of the Isle of Wight.

saw wort (2) RBM caterpillar (2)
Tara, Head Keeper and Education Officer is working closely along side other BIAZA collections on the Island as well as the Butterfly Conservation Trust and The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Trust to survey and monitor the distribution, breeding and feeding habits of this allusive Moth in the hope that we can encourage the overall population to increase and conserve the natural habitat in which it exists.
 Tara (2)