Saturday, 6 June 2015

Conservation Project

Reddish Buff Moth Project
(Acosmetia caliginosa)
Seaview Wildlife has become greatly involved in the conservation and monitoring  of an extremely rare Moth. The Reddish Buff Moth which is classed as an endangered species, breeds in sparse open vegetation where the larvae feed on leaves of Saw-wort and is only found in very localised areas of the Isle of Wight.

saw wort (2) RBM caterpillar (2)
Tara, Head Keeper and Education Officer is working closely along side other BIAZA collections on the Island as well as the Butterfly Conservation Trust and The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Trust to survey and monitor the distribution, breeding and feeding habits of this allusive Moth in the hope that we can encourage the overall population to increase and conserve the natural habitat in which it exists.
 Tara (2)

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