Tuesday, 31 July 2012


 Well… we have had lots of fabulous letters sent in weekly to Seaview Wildlife but we have never had a poem sent in!  So Thank You so Much to Gill Coombes for sending in our first ever Poem about her visit to our beautiful park  -  this is great!  Thank You Gill….Jemima feeding Wallabies DSC_1366
When we entered this Wildlife Park we saw a lovely waterfall,
The sound of the stunning cascades rushing down and the stream enthral,
Strolling down from here to the lake with willows was spectacular,
There are three different breeds of flamingos, how I love their colour,
It was a thrill to stroke the wallabies and they enjoyed it too,
The keeper gave us food to give them and it was a joy to do,
It was wonderful seeing these marsupials being fed,
One of them had a joey, I just managed to stroke its head,
Then we arrived at the enclosure housing the cute meerkats,
We watched them being fed and they seemed more than ready for that,
At Pets Corner the Ferret, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, all nice to stroke,
These hands-on animal experiences give pleasure to folk,
At Otter Creek at feeding time the visitors were gathering,
The otters looked out for the keepers knowing they had food to bring,
These animals are good to watch, I think they have such sweet faces,
And on the Isle of Wight they live in one of the nicest places,
To the pool to see the penguins being fed we all were keen,
It was a hive of activity ~ for the penguins I mean,
They were entertaining us all by swimming round and round quite fast,
The keepers placed fish on the wall, I gave them some as they swam past,
I was glad to see Alpacas, I’ve only seen them once before,
I like the Pelicans’ long bills, and the Goats and Pigs I adore,
Willow Walk by the lake has lots of waterfowl greedy and tame,
I like the watery scenes, so to this Park I am glad we came,
Kookaburras, Peacocks, Parrots and lots of other birds live here,
This Park was handy to travel to living in Southsea so near,
The very pleasant beach walk from the hovercraft seems just a hop,
We bought a pretty flamingo ornament from the gift shop,
This and the café looked as if they were doing very good trade,
We had our picnic on a seat opposite the lovely cascades,
It had been fascinating seeing all the animals’ antics,
Our day at the Seaview Wildlife Encounter had been fantastic.
Written by Gill Coombes

Meerkat Madness!

Tuesday 31st July, Wendy Stone from Essex spent some time with Sangu, Lula and Pongo our Meerkats. Wendy is visiting her grandchildren on the island and as an extra bit of fun for her mini break decided to have Meerkat Encounter.

Happy Birthday!

On Monday 30th July Lolette and Nigel from Southampton came to the park for a Meerkat Encounter. This was a treat for Lolettes 25th Birthday. 
And today Shannon Wilson enjoyed spending some quality time with our penguins as a 16th Birthday present. Shannon’s highlight was getting the chance to feed and meet Dippy!

A busy weekend of encounters!

On Saturday 28th July Linda and Ann two teachers from Salisbury joined the Meerkat mob for an extra special summer holiday treat.
And on Sunday 29th July, John Westfield from Waterlooville also helped the keepers to feed our Meerkats some scrummy mealworms. John said “It was beautiful and will be back to do the Penguin Encounter.

Friday’s Encounter

On Friday 27th July we had a visit from Wendy, Paige and Charlotte Toms from Hertfordshire. They enjoyed their time getting close and personal with our Meerkat mob.

Friday, 27 July 2012


Dear Jules,
They say never go back ­ to places, events, experiences ­ because you will
probably be disappointed second time around.
Recently we took our niece, Hannah, over to the Isle of Wight for a second
Keeper for the Day after she so enjoyed the first one a year or so back.
As before, every aspect of the day was perfect. Charlotte and Jake, the 2
keepers who worked with Hannah, were terrific: friendly, patient,
knowledgeable ­ a credit to themselves and to you.
I am in danger of simply repeating the letter I wrote last year so I will
simply say thank you ­ again - for another exceptional day. Please pass on
our thanks to everyone who made Hannah¹s day so special, especially to
Charlotte and Jake.
At our (relatively) advanced years we have been lucky to visit many places,
attend lots of events, have plenty of experiences throughout the world. But
there is something very, very special about SeaView and the wildlife
So, never go back? We say don¹t hesitate to return.
See you next year
Lorraine and Kerry Paddison

Hannah Cleverton

Wild Experiences in the Hot Summer Sun

Yesterday we had two lovely young ladies at the park, to participate in a Junior Wildlife Experience.
First up was Emily Jamieson who visited the park earlier in the week, and after seeing other encounters taking part across the park, she fancied returning to have a go for her self.
Later in the afternoon was Gemma Edwards time to shine in her JWE, and as the pictures show she seemed to make a few new friends in ‘Wallaby Walkabout’.
And finally this morning we had Nikki Canavan for a Penguin Encounter, to try her hand at feeding our rather chubby, mid moult, Humboldt Penguins.


wedding photos 112
I would like to extend my thanks ( & Lisa's ) to all the staff at Seaview for the fantastic day we had on our wildest date, part of our honeymoon in the Isle of Wight.
From the moment we arrived - receptionist gave us a great welcome - you all bent over backwards to give us a memorable day.
Special thanks to the following :
Jules - gave us a superb tour with the animals and lovely photos .... many thanks x
Liam - big smile and great host for the champagne meal - food was lovely.
All in all a magnificently sociable bunch - wish you all well.
Going to see Dippy on facebook now
Kind Regards
Keith & Lisa Robinson

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Fabulous Summer Holiday Wildlife Encounters!

What a wonderful three days – warm sunshine, blue skies, and lots of great Wildlife Experiences here at Seaview Wildlife!  On Monday (23rd July) Ben and Joe Nimmo (below) had a Junior Wildlife Experience (their Dad, Derrick, won our photographer of the year competition last year and this Encounter was part of his prize).  It was good to welcome the whole family back to the Park.

On Monday afternoon Charlotte Jury (below) thoroughly enjoyed her Penguin Encounter!  Charlotte has loved Penguins all her life (her Grandfather gave her a toy Penguin on the day she was born and it must have stirred a lifetime of affinity with Penguins!)

Gabe (10) and Finn (8) Shafto enjoyed a Junior Wildlife Experience with us on Tuesday morning (6 images below):

Jack Coleman (aged 6, images below) was a little nervous at times but really got into the swing of things during his Junior Wildlife Experience yesterday afternoon!

This morning we welcomed Bella Whitlam (images below) for a Penguin Encounter:

Ethan (13) and Martha (11) have been coming to the Park for the past 9 years with their Mum and Dad (Scott & Rian).  Ethan and Martha (below) were treated to a Junior Wildlife Experience this morning (Wednesday 25th July):

This afternoon Tammie Gladwell (below) enjoyed the magical madness of a Meerkat Encounter!

And last, but definitely not least, Elizabeth Clouting (aged 11, pictured below) was treated to a Junior Wildlife Encounter by her Grandma this afternoon (Wednesday 25th July):

Monday, 23 July 2012

Going wild during the Summer Holidays!

Wooopeeee ….. summer has arrived!!  What a great couple of days we’ve had – and the sunny warm weather is forecast to last until the end of the week!  We’ve had some great Wildlife Encounters over the weekend and today – everyone who has an Encounter goes away with a DVD of their own images as a memento – but here are just a few to give you a flavour!
Jade Scott (above) joined us on Saturday for a Meerkat Encounter – and said she really loved it!

Catherine Young (above)  spent the day with us yesterday (Sunday) in the role of “Keeper for a Day” – a belated Christmas present from her husband.  Catherine said her favourite animals are the Penguins (that’s no doubt Dippy working his charm again!)

Paula Eccleston (above)  is on holiday here on the Isle of Wight.  She loves Meerkats and said that she just had to have a Meerkat Encounter!

Cartoon birthday birds

Mollie Dingsdale celebrated her 4th birthday here at Seaview Wildlife Encounter on Saturday with 12 of her friends. 

Gabrielle Brading and 15 of her friends celebrated Gabrielle’s 6th birthday at the Park on Sunday (yesterday). 

Both birthday girls were presented with surprise adoption certificates – adopting Dippy for a year - as a birthday gift from the Animal Care Team.

Ben & Joe Nimmo (above) enjoyed a “Junior Wildlife Experience” earlier today (just look at the absolutely cracking weather!)  This Wildlife Experience was part of their Dad’s (Derrick Nimmo) prize for winning our Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition last year!  Parents Derrick and Sue came along – with Derrick clicking away with his lens – taking over 2500 photos during the morning!!

Saturday, 21 July 2012


I visited you again,yesterday(Friday),and once again had a thoroughly enjoyable day.I have been lots of times over the years,bringing my son when he was a child,he is now 27!!!
There is something for old and young,I brought a friend along who is nearly 80,and he had a lovely day.
Your keepers are amazing,will answer any question with full confidence.A special mention to the guy who was feeding the meerkats.I am sure I kept him well beyond his time slot with my questions,but he answered with patience,as though I was the only visitor there.They are a credit to you.
The cafe food looked amazing,I didn't indulge,but my friend had apple pie which he said was delicious.
I don't know whether you know,but we found a ladies handbag on the seat next to us in the cafe,and we handed it in.There appeared to be a purse inside.Do you know if anyone claimed it,I hope so.
Once again,thanks for a lovely day,special kiss for 'Dippy'.
Kind regards,Cherry.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Asian Short Clawed Otter Enrichment!

It was enrichment time again over at the otter enclosure with our three cheeky boys getting their paws on a whole box of tasty treats!
Something as simple as a cardboard box can be so useful to the keepers, and so rewarding to the animals.
Inside the box we hid eggs, fish, chicken, mealworms, tomatoes and some monkey nuts!
By cutting small holes in the box, the otters were able to use their dextrous paws to take out the food!
 DSC_0333.jpg1  DSC_0336.jpg1
In the end they worked out that the easiest and quickest way to the food was to just tip over the box and open it up!

Thursday, 19 July 2012


Summer Dippy facebook
Warmest wishes from all of us at Seaview Wildlife Encounter for a great summer holiday!  Dippy and all his pals are looking forward to welcoming you to the Park - see you soon!

Moments of Marvellous Meerkat Madness

During the course of yesterday and today we’ve had three memorable Meerkat Encounters where guests have had special one-on-one time feeding and being close-up with our Meerkats.  The first was Paula Saint who was visiting the Park with her husband Dave from near Bristol.  They heard about Wildlife Encounters whilst they were here and were lucky to secure a last minute booking.  Paula (below) is a great Meerkat fan and said she really loved the experience.
Then earlier today Katie Holland-Skinner and Craig Dickson (below) from Little Hampton near Brighton had their own Meerkat Encounter here at Seaview Wildlife.  Katie has been an avid Meerkat enthusiast for some time – and was keen to share this close-up experience with her boyfriend, Craig.
This afternoon we welcomed Indigo Wells, aged 9, who lives in Tokyo, Japan, and is visiting England and the Isle of Wight for a holiday with her Grandparents.  Indigo (below) loves all animals but particularly Meerkats.  She was thrilled to be able to book a Meerkat Encounter at short notice – especially having been told there is a six month waiting list to book a Penguin feeding experience at London Zoo!
Thank you to all this week’s VIP guests for choosing Seaview Wildlife Encounter as their number one place for one-on-one wildlife experiences!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Extra long moult for our Penguins

Moulting is a natural phenomenon for Penguins that takes place once a year after breeding.  It is a physiologically stressful time for Penguins during which a great deal of energy is expended in the regeneration of new feathers.
According to documented research, the average duration of a Penguin moult in the wild is about 17 days.  In captivity, however, the duration is often much longer.  Our Humboldts Penguins (Spheniscus humboldti) normally take around 8 weeks to complete their annual moult – starting in early June and finishing late July/early August.  However this year the moulting process is taking a lot longer. 

It is thought that moulting in Penguins is triggered by a depletion in hormone levels after breeding as well as being stimulated by longer daylight/sunlight hours.  We believe that as a result of this year’s very grey, cool, cloudy summer to-date there has been insufficient external sunlight for the moulting to progress within its normal time-frame.  We’re not aware of any research papers to verify this theory but it would seem to be a logical conclusion!

So, come on summer, come on!  Our Humboldt Penguins always look so smart in their new plumage once their moult is over – yet another good reason for the Jet Stream Current to move away from our shores and allow the real summer sun to shine through!

Images taken this week at Seaview Wildlife Encounter.

Wildest Place for a Special Date ….

Keith and Lisa Robinson (pictured below) are on their honeymoon here on the Isle of Wight this week.  We were delighted to welcome them to the Park as VIP guests on a “Wildest Date” – this took the form of extra special close up time with Wallabies, Meerkats, Miniature Pigs, Rabbits, Penguins, Bearded Dragons, etc, followed by a delicious champagne lunch prepared by our chef, Graham!  Keith and Lisa really loved their Wildest Date – they said it was beyond all their expectations!  All the Team at the Park join in wishing this lovely couple all the very best for their future lives together.

On Monday afternoon Claire Simmonds and Andrew Graves (pictured below) from Romford, Essex, enjoyed a Penguin Encounter with us.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I had the pleasure of Ben and Jack Madelin’s company during their Junior Wildlife Experience (a few images below).  These brothers are charming young men - polite, enthusiastic and full of really good questions!  See you again guys!

Tiesha (below) who absolutely loves Penguins joined Dippy and his pals at the pool yesterday afternoon for a private feeding session and close-up time with our Humboldt Penguin colony. 

Happy birthday Penguin from Google images

Twins Killian and Annabelle Boag celebrated their 6th birthday (along with friends and family) here at Seaview Wildlife this weekend.  It was great to see the youngsters having such a good time.  We all join in wishing Killian and Annabelle many happy returns!

To find out more about booking your Wildlife Encounter or birthday party this summer holiday, just click on: http://www.seaviewwildlife.com/summary/wildlife_encounters/