Tuesday, 31 July 2012


 Well… we have had lots of fabulous letters sent in weekly to Seaview Wildlife but we have never had a poem sent in!  So Thank You so Much to Gill Coombes for sending in our first ever Poem about her visit to our beautiful park  -  this is great!  Thank You Gill….Jemima feeding Wallabies DSC_1366
When we entered this Wildlife Park we saw a lovely waterfall,
The sound of the stunning cascades rushing down and the stream enthral,
Strolling down from here to the lake with willows was spectacular,
There are three different breeds of flamingos, how I love their colour,
It was a thrill to stroke the wallabies and they enjoyed it too,
The keeper gave us food to give them and it was a joy to do,
It was wonderful seeing these marsupials being fed,
One of them had a joey, I just managed to stroke its head,
Then we arrived at the enclosure housing the cute meerkats,
We watched them being fed and they seemed more than ready for that,
At Pets Corner the Ferret, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, all nice to stroke,
These hands-on animal experiences give pleasure to folk,
At Otter Creek at feeding time the visitors were gathering,
The otters looked out for the keepers knowing they had food to bring,
These animals are good to watch, I think they have such sweet faces,
And on the Isle of Wight they live in one of the nicest places,
To the pool to see the penguins being fed we all were keen,
It was a hive of activity ~ for the penguins I mean,
They were entertaining us all by swimming round and round quite fast,
The keepers placed fish on the wall, I gave them some as they swam past,
I was glad to see Alpacas, I’ve only seen them once before,
I like the Pelicans’ long bills, and the Goats and Pigs I adore,
Willow Walk by the lake has lots of waterfowl greedy and tame,
I like the watery scenes, so to this Park I am glad we came,
Kookaburras, Peacocks, Parrots and lots of other birds live here,
This Park was handy to travel to living in Southsea so near,
The very pleasant beach walk from the hovercraft seems just a hop,
We bought a pretty flamingo ornament from the gift shop,
This and the café looked as if they were doing very good trade,
We had our picnic on a seat opposite the lovely cascades,
It had been fascinating seeing all the animals’ antics,
Our day at the Seaview Wildlife Encounter had been fantastic.
Written by Gill Coombes

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