Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Fabulous Summer Holiday Wildlife Encounters!

What a wonderful three days – warm sunshine, blue skies, and lots of great Wildlife Experiences here at Seaview Wildlife!  On Monday (23rd July) Ben and Joe Nimmo (below) had a Junior Wildlife Experience (their Dad, Derrick, won our photographer of the year competition last year and this Encounter was part of his prize).  It was good to welcome the whole family back to the Park.

On Monday afternoon Charlotte Jury (below) thoroughly enjoyed her Penguin Encounter!  Charlotte has loved Penguins all her life (her Grandfather gave her a toy Penguin on the day she was born and it must have stirred a lifetime of affinity with Penguins!)

Gabe (10) and Finn (8) Shafto enjoyed a Junior Wildlife Experience with us on Tuesday morning (6 images below):

Jack Coleman (aged 6, images below) was a little nervous at times but really got into the swing of things during his Junior Wildlife Experience yesterday afternoon!

This morning we welcomed Bella Whitlam (images below) for a Penguin Encounter:

Ethan (13) and Martha (11) have been coming to the Park for the past 9 years with their Mum and Dad (Scott & Rian).  Ethan and Martha (below) were treated to a Junior Wildlife Experience this morning (Wednesday 25th July):

This afternoon Tammie Gladwell (below) enjoyed the magical madness of a Meerkat Encounter!

And last, but definitely not least, Elizabeth Clouting (aged 11, pictured below) was treated to a Junior Wildlife Encounter by her Grandma this afternoon (Wednesday 25th July):

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