Thursday, 23 December 2010

Animal Keeper/Presenter vacancy at Seaview Wildlife for 2011 season

An opportunity has arisen to join the dynamic Animal Care Team at the Island's largest, multi-award winning wildlife attraction - this is a seasonal position from March to the end of October, 2011.

The position involves all animal husbandry duties and giving daily talks to the public. The job requires a mature, friendly, outgoing person with a very hands-on approach. Applicants should be well spoken, team-orientated and physically fit, able to roll up their sleeves and willing to get involved.

This is a demanding, outdoor role, five days a week including weekends and bank holidays.

In season hours: 8am - 4.30pm (flexible)
Off season hours: 8.30am - 2.00pm (flexible). Animal care/zoo management qualification preferred, similar hands-on, animal care experience essential. Will need to live locally as accommodation is not provided.

Please send a current CV with a covering letter to Jules Brittan, General Manager, either by email to: or by post to Seaview Wildlife Encounter, Oakhill Road, Seaview, Isle Of Wight. PO34 5AP.


Thursday, 16 December 2010

Kookie Kookaburra in the old oak tree!

Kookie 16 Dec 2010

Do you remember the images of Kookie the Kookaburra taken earlier this year? He was a rather ugly, prehistoric-looking, half-feathered fledgling that was abandoned by his mother here at the Park. He was hand-reared by the Keepers during the summer months. It was almost by accident that Kookie was placed in with some newly hatched rare-breed ducklings who cuddled up to him straight away (despite his being a predator as an adult in the wild). The story of Kookie being surrogate mother to three ducklings became international news.

Kookie 16 Dec 10

Kookie Dec 10

Wow, look at him now! Kookie is a really handsome young Kookaburra and is still as chatty and cheeky with the Keepers as he ever was. These Images taken this morning show Kookie with his ‘fluffed up’ winter look! He’s no longer in the same enclosure as the ducklings that he ‘mothered’ – each species seemed very happy to go their own way once realising their very obvious differences!

Beautiful Murals at Seaview Wildlife Encounter!

One of this year’s winter projects is nearing completion – painting the loos at the Park! Sally and Julie have done more than just paint - the wall murals that they’ve created have turned out to be beautiful works of art! I’ve taken some photos of their work (below). A trip to the loo at Seaview Wildlife will take on a whole new fun dimension for visitors in 2011!

Piggy in loo

Owl in loo

Goat in loo

Flamingo wall paintingsPeacock wall murals

Penguin in loo (with ear muffs!) Penguin with bobble hat mural

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Otters on Ice!

Two Otters looking at arrival of videographer

We finished off the video filming at the Park today – and what a difference in the weather – although still very cold the sunshine lifted everyone’s mood, warmed frozen fingers (just a little!) and seemed to encourage a more interactive mood in the animals too! The light was lovely – so hopefully Roger has managed to capture some good footage.

Whilst out in the Park with Roger this morning, I captured a couple of images of our Otters – being inquisitive (in fact downright nosey!) about the arrival of the video camera in their enclosure. The first one (right) shows two of the three brothers checking out proceedings from the safety of their Holt!

Otter on ice 1 (flipped)

Here’s Frank Sinatra (of our ‘Rat Pack’ brothers) getting braver, padding across the iced pond towards Roger and his camera.

Otter checking out video camera on ice (resized)

You know the expression ‘curiosity killed the cat’ – well cats have got nothing on Otters when it comes to their curiosity rating – here’s Frank unable to resist a closer inspection of the video camera (on the surface of the iced pond!)

Otter biting video camera on ice (flipped)

The final plunge – Frank’s in their feet and all! He uses his monkey-like paws to hold the camera lens steady whilst having a gnash (the ultimate Otter test) …. it wasn’t long before Roger reacted and saved his camera from being further Otterised!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Roger Lowe of Videojuice has completed quite a few assignments here at Seaview Wildlife during 2010. This morning he arrived once again, armed with his video camera, ready for action! His brief was to film each of the Animal Keepers behind the scenes – including identifying some of the differences between animal keeping in winter compared with the summer months. The plan is that each clip will appear on our Website and/or Blog in the next few weeks. So please keep an eye open!

Roger during Keeper profile shoot Dec 2010 (resized)

Roger in Wallaby Walkabout (resized)

Image above left: Roger earlier this morning perched ready for action in Pets corner; above right: Roger in Wallaby Walkabout

The shoot was scheduled for last week but due to the snow we postponed activities until today. It’s not been much warmer mind you – in fact, when the wind blew (as it did all morning) it tore right through us! Fortunately we didn’t have any snow or rain to contend with, only ice and sub-zero temperatures! The filming went well. We still have three more clips to shoot tomorrow – after that it’ll be over to Roger to edit (from the warmth of his studio) and prepare for viewing!