Thursday, 9 December 2010

Otters on Ice!

Two Otters looking at arrival of videographer

We finished off the video filming at the Park today – and what a difference in the weather – although still very cold the sunshine lifted everyone’s mood, warmed frozen fingers (just a little!) and seemed to encourage a more interactive mood in the animals too! The light was lovely – so hopefully Roger has managed to capture some good footage.

Whilst out in the Park with Roger this morning, I captured a couple of images of our Otters – being inquisitive (in fact downright nosey!) about the arrival of the video camera in their enclosure. The first one (right) shows two of the three brothers checking out proceedings from the safety of their Holt!

Otter on ice 1 (flipped)

Here’s Frank Sinatra (of our ‘Rat Pack’ brothers) getting braver, padding across the iced pond towards Roger and his camera.

Otter checking out video camera on ice (resized)

You know the expression ‘curiosity killed the cat’ – well cats have got nothing on Otters when it comes to their curiosity rating – here’s Frank unable to resist a closer inspection of the video camera (on the surface of the iced pond!)

Otter biting video camera on ice (flipped)

The final plunge – Frank’s in their feet and all! He uses his monkey-like paws to hold the camera lens steady whilst having a gnash (the ultimate Otter test) …. it wasn’t long before Roger reacted and saved his camera from being further Otterised!

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  1. That last bit, with the otter coming out of the box and going right up to the camera just cements the cuteness.