Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Roger Lowe of Videojuice has completed quite a few assignments here at Seaview Wildlife during 2010. This morning he arrived once again, armed with his video camera, ready for action! His brief was to film each of the Animal Keepers behind the scenes – including identifying some of the differences between animal keeping in winter compared with the summer months. The plan is that each clip will appear on our Website and/or Blog in the next few weeks. So please keep an eye open!

Roger during Keeper profile shoot Dec 2010 (resized)

Roger in Wallaby Walkabout (resized)

Image above left: Roger earlier this morning perched ready for action in Pets corner; above right: Roger in Wallaby Walkabout

The shoot was scheduled for last week but due to the snow we postponed activities until today. It’s not been much warmer mind you – in fact, when the wind blew (as it did all morning) it tore right through us! Fortunately we didn’t have any snow or rain to contend with, only ice and sub-zero temperatures! The filming went well. We still have three more clips to shoot tomorrow – after that it’ll be over to Roger to edit (from the warmth of his studio) and prepare for viewing!

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