Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Thank You Email From Marian Wade - Wildlife Photographic Competition Winner


We received an email from Marian Wade earlier today, the winner of the Adult Category of our 2010 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition.  Included below are three other images that Marian submitted into this year’s competition.

We have also included (bottom left) Marian's winning entries into the 2010 Wightlife photographic competition - well done Marian!!
We plan to decorate an area in our Discovery Zone with some of the many wonderful images that Marian has taken over the years of our birds and animals.

Wade, Marian - Zebra Finch nest building - 2010 Wade, Marian - Pelican open wide - 2010 Wade, Marian - Baby Penguins - 2010


Displayed 2010

Hi Jules,

I had a large parcel delivered yesterday - thank you so very very much!   I loved the book, the pictures are stunning. I see Andy Rouse had another winner with his Tiger picture.  I went on one of his lectures in January as he was at Chester, and it was brilliant.

I will look forward to visiting Jessops, I didn't expect the gift voucher to be so much, that is very kind of you. The surprise didn't end there though, as I read the letter from Miss Lorraine Adams  it had a family pass for another visit.  "I will just have to keep myself as fit and well as I can" said Tony, "So we can make another visit next year"

I will look through all my Seaview pictures and sort out my favourites.  I guess the ones I have entered into your competition will be high on my favourite list, but I will enjoy looking back through them all, and I'll be in touch soon. In the meantime I will be sending you a written thank you later today, this email is just to let you know the parcel arrived.

Wishing you and the team all the very best,

With love from Marian.

PS. Even though your park is closed I'm pleased to see your keeping up the blog  - I'm convinced I won't be the only avid reader!

PPS. Just thought you may like to see the images Wightlife displayed of mine this year.

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  1. good question! The letters go into a special box and the pictures all go on a wall in my music room, and the gifts go into special containers that I bought at the smiggle shop and they stay in my room on my desk :)