Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Heavy rain causes flooding at Seaview Wildlife and other places on Isle of Wight

Many of us in the South of England and the Isle of Wight woke this morning to rain battering against our windows….. and driving became an water sport with gushing roads and overflowing storm drains forming part of the aquatic assault course on our way to work!  Of course the Park hasn’t escaped the wet – but fortunately, although we’ve sprung a few leaks, none of the livestock have been negatively affected. 


Flooding lower lake 8 Nov 10

Flooding at lower lake Nov 2010









Above: The Park’s lower lake has overflowed – consuming the pathway that normally allows easy pedestrian access.


View over stormy seas Nov 2010

Flooding nature reserve Nov 2010










Above left: The nature reserve just below the Park usually consists of scrub and some damp marshland but today it turned into a huge mass of water - this image above shows the extension of our lower lake (in the foreground) with the flooded nature reserve behind.   Above right: Stormy seas - looking out over the flooded nature reserve to the rough grey green waves of the Solent beyond.


 Augustus wet & bedraggled Nov 2010 Wet Alpacas (resized) Nov 2010










This is the wet and bedraggled Alpaca look for November 2010!  Despite having the option of a dry shed  our two lads don’t seem to mind how wet it gets!

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