Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Behind the Scenes in Winter – Ad Hoc Projects


It’s quite different here at the Park during the winter months.  From the end of October till a week before Easter each year the Park is closed to visitors.  This is a time for maintenance, repairs and development of the grounds, buildings and enclosures – everything from building new exhibits to  draining lakes and ponds!

Once the gates have been closed to the public, the retail and catering divisions start to pack away – deep cleaning scrubs and stock taking are the focus for the first week or two, then the treasure troves of gifts are packed away safely until Spring returns.  Most of the staff in these two divisions are employed on a seasonal basis but one or two kindly assist with ad hoc projects in the Park during the colder months.  An example of one such project is the decorating of the toilet blocks this winter.  Sound boring? No way!!  Sally (our retail manager) came up with the idea of drawing and painting fun versions of some of our animals inside the ‘loo cubicles’!  Sally and Julie (our receptionist) have been busy over the past few days – and their plan is already coming together – it’s undoubtedly going to put a smile on the faces of those visiting our loos in the future!


Sally & Julie Nov 2010

Sally & Julie painting










Image above left – Sally (L) and Julie (R) on their way to buy painting supplies!  Image above right – the artistic two-some working wonders with their imaginations and paint brushes!

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