Friday, 19 November 2010

FUNDRAISING FEEDBACK – Thank you to all who contributed!

As you may remember we were involved in fundraising for the Breast Cancer Campaign (Isle of Pink) during the month of September and the RSPCA Isle of Wight for a week in October this year. We’ve spoken to both charities and are pleased to be able to report back to you as follows:


BREAST CANCER CAMPAIGN (Isle of Pink) – this is the campaign’s third year on the Isle of Wight. Our visitors to the Park seem to be increasingly aware of this campaign and its importance - as can be seen from our collection figures that are increasing really well year-on-year:

2008: £89.34 2009: 192.07 2010: 311.17 Thank you for your support!

In terms of the Isle of Wight as a whole, final collection figures for the Isle of Pink aren’t yet in, but the target figure for this year is £30 000 (up from £23 000 in 2009 and a similar figure in 2008)). The final amount is due to be announced in the next few days. Watch out for a Breast Cancer Campaign press release!

RSPCA logo

RSPCA Isle of Wight is an independent charity – separate from the mainland RSPCA and completely reliant on local support. As you know, the RSPCA is responsible for both domestic and wild animal welfare and rescue on the Island. On hearing that this vital charity has been struggling to keep afloat in the current economic climate we rallied round right at the end of our season to help raise some funds (and awareness). Thank you to all those who donated – either by tossing coins into our Wishing Well or by popping a coin into the many collection boxes around the Park during the last week of October. Between £100-£120 was raised in that one week! Thank you for your generosity! We’ve committed to a more planned approach to RSPCA fundraising next year and hope the result will be revealed in increased funds!

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