Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Cool winds blow in Frisky ALPACA behaviour!



Out in Wallaby Walkabout this morning the Alpacas had a few mad moments …… the images above show how it started – with a cheeky nudge and a nibble ……….

Then the play fighting and rough and tumble really began ………….

Play fighting Alpacas DSC_1261

Alpacas romping DSC_1264

Sometimes looking like two young stags, sometimes like two boisterous rams and the rest of the time more like a heap of woolly camels! Our two boys seemed to have a great time romping around together – albeit looking rather ungainly – Olly the Pygmy goat was intrigued and tried to join in the fun, but this was strictly a game for Alpacas only!

Alpacas romping on ground DSC_1263

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