Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Christmas Surprise

Earlier today the keepers made the discovery of this adorable little yellow duckling!


Normally we expect ducklings to be hatching at Easter not Christmas so he is either very late or really early!

With no sign of his family, the keepers will be taking care of this little chap until he is big enough to live out in the park with all the other ducks!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Push out the boat and have a little vote


Welcome to the Awards 2014.

These are the Isle of Wight’s only visitor-voted awards for tourism businesses and services, providing you with the opportunity to pick out your star performers who have helped make your visit a truly fantastic and unforgettable experience.
We have provided the key categories and a few suggestions but the rest is down to you. You can vote in all or just the categories where you feel the experience was exceptional and you can make your own suggestions to be added to the short lists.
We want to know where you love hanging out, what you love doing, where your fave paces to stay are and where you go when you want to eat something delicious!
So get voting – your opinion is king!
Red Funnel Ferry 2

Friday, 28 November 2014

WINTER NEWSLETTER from Dippy and friends!

Happy Winter time from all of us at Seaview Wildlife Encounter! Although the Park is now closed for the winter, there is lots of exciting goings on in preparation for opening again in the spring…we won’t ruin the surprises we have in store just yet!

It has been a very exciting year for the birth of newimage animal life here at the Park including ducklings, Guinea Fowl chicks, Chilean Flamingo chicks and of course our Wallaby Joey, Coco!

New arrivals to the Park this season included two rare and very adorable woolly Southdown Baby Doll Sheep, Daisy and Maisy. They arrived at the end of March and are settled in and loved by everyone…
PLUS, to the Keepers surprise in the mealworm delivery, a very cute baby stowaway Dumbo Rat, who we have named Alfie and has been taken home by Tara, Head Keeper, to look after over the cold winter months!

The 2014 season proved to be a very busy one with thanks to the fantastic news from trip advisor that were rated number one best attraction on the Island!


imageAs well as with visitors, Keepers were busy hosting the Parks Interactive Wildlife Experiences and bookings are already coming in for the 2015 season!

In addition we were very excited to have hosted our very first Seaview Wildlife wedding! Clive and Dawn came to the Park six years ago on their very first date and it must have been a memorable one as they decided they wanted to get married and celebrate here at the Park alongside our Wallabies!

Dippy our oldest and dearest Humboldt Penguin continues to enjoy his adventures on the Isle of Wight. You can follow Dippy on his adventures by visiting his very own website….

…..And finally we would all like to take the opportunity to wish you a very
Don’t forget you can also receive up to date information about the Park by becoming Dippy’s friend on Facebook “Dippy Seaview” and follow our blog on

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Monday, 17 November 2014

Dippys Christmas Gift suggestions

Who better to assist you in your search for present perfection than our very own expert gift finder Dippy the Penguin..

Xmas tree with Dippy (1)

So many choices ……

1.  Top of your bucket list should be a personal Penguin Encounter with me DIPPY….


2.  Meerkat Encounter ~ Meet our mob of mischievous Meerkats


3.  Combo Encounter ~ Spend special penguin and meerkat time with all of the above!


4.  Keeper For A Day ~ the ultimate up close and personal experience with our array of Wildlife


5.  Junior Wildlife Experience ~  A mini Zoo Keeper experience for the little ones ..


6.  Wildest Place For A Special Date ~  A fantastic champagne and wildlife treat

Xmas BLog Dippy

Each Christmas Wildlife Encounter booking includes a fabulous animal voucher card to give as a present with dates to be arranged in the opening season from March 21 – November 1st.   

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Letter of the Week from Ex Keeper Holly

10457721_788463209110_7282733989673000386_oHi Everyone, 

Glad to hear the season went so well, can't believe how fast the time is going! 

I have some awesome news I passed my exam and assessment drive so I am now officially a qualified FGASA Level 1 nature guide. I start my placement at a place called Cradle of Life on December 1st. It's a Bio Park with a park and reserve area it looks absolutely beautiful. They have Tigers, Lions and other cats there so I am super excited! 

Here is the website so that everyone can have a look at what its like.

Send my love to everyone and give Jacob a cuddle from me, I bet he's grown! 

Here are a few more photos,



Monday, 3 November 2014


Lovely card and presents for the staff dropped in on our last day of opening
" This is just to say a big thank you to the WHOLE team at Seaview. I have had so much pleasure from having my season pass this year and part of that is down to the amazing team of staff as well as all the animals. Coming here is like stopping the world and getting off, just for a few hours.

A big thank you to the animal care team who made my Keeper For A Day such a brilliant experience and of course Sally (it wouldn't be the same without you)

Hope to see you all next season - Merry Xmas and Happy New Year "

Mandy Foster


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Chilean Flamingo Update

We now have an incredible eighteen Chilean Flamingo Chicks that have hatched so far this year at the park!

They are a range sizes and can be seen out daily exploring the enclosure with their parents.

DSC_0241 - Copy

They are born with a white fluffy baby plumage which is gradually taken over by larger, grey feathers. Their beautiful Pink feathers only start to appear when they are nearly a year old, and it’s only at three to four years of age that they have their full adult plumage.


Once the chicks have are old enough to leave the nest, they group together in a crèche which is supervised by an adult. Here they can socialise with one another and keep safe!


Saturday, 18 October 2014


  Thanks to all the lovely people and animals here that make it so special “
Alpaca Jeremy
“  Fantastic – 1st visit and will be back soon”

“  We love this place and fell in love with each other here “
Dais and Mais
“  Happy animals in a lovely environment – wonderful to see.  Scrummy crab sandwiches  finished off our holiday perfectly “

  Tried to fault it but can’t (fantastic) “


  One of the best wildlife parks we have ever visited, excellent surroundings and great value “
  What a wonderful surprise, we are in our seventies and loved this place.  So beautifully set out and immaculately clean – fabulous “

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Seaview Wildlife Animals in Action!

The photographic opportunities here at the park are superb, and so each year we run a photography competition to find the best photos taken by our visitors!
Seaview is the perfect place to get snaps of your favourite animals, all within an unspoilt and natural environment. 

For close-up, clear studies of animals and birds, photographers will be pleased to hear that most of the Park's enclosures have "camera flaps" - these allow for unhindered photographic images - with no fencing or boundaries in the way.

The theme for this year is “Animals in action” where images can show animals on their own, in groups or interacting with a Keeper or visitor – as long as they are action-orientated!

Here is a sneak preview of some of the fantastic entries we have had so far:

photo (2)

Nick Miller, Cowes

isle of wight September 2014 412

The closing date is the 2nd of November 2014. If you would like to enter the competition then e-mail your images along with your details to:

More information and the terms and conditions can be found on our website:

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


DSC_0566 (3)

Lovely Al is a regular visitor to the Park and each season his Mum treats him to a Keeper For A Day as a special treat.  Al is blind and is accompanied by his fantastic carer Tim ….. We received this lovely card from Al’s Mum…..

  Dear Lorraine,  Thank You SO very much for Al’s wonderful hands on experience at his ‘ Keeper For The Day ‘ on 16th September.  As always you and your team provided a unique opportunity for him to meet the animals and birds which was truly the “ hands on” time which he needs so as to fully understand and appreciate everything at Seaview Wildlife Encounter.  Your staff are exemplary in their interaction with Al – please pass on my grateful thanks to the members of the team who worked with and met Al on his KFAD.
Yours  Lindy ( Al’s Mum)

Friday, 12 September 2014

Letter of the Week from Ex Keeper Holly

10542404_10153128564596165_1400108673825783669_oHi everyone! 

Sorry it's been a while since I last messaged,I have been extremely busy! 

Things are going really well here and I am loving the course. Made some awesome new friends and can't believe how much I have learned so far and how much more there is still to learn! I don't think you ever stop learning here out in the bush.

Where do I begin, the topics I have covered so far include mammals, amphibians, arthropods, ethology, taxonomy, botany, reptiles, viewing potentially dangerous animals, grasses and geology to name a few! 

Last semester we had a whole week dedicated to tracking, basically a whole week staring at the ground. Doesn't sound very exciting but it was so interesting. Learning how to identify and interpret tracks and signs or as they call it 'reading the bush newspaper'! 

Last week I was also very fortunate to be on the game drive vehicle that tracked and found a pride of 9 Lions!! Just magical.

I have attached a few photos.

Hope all is well at Seaview and that the park had a busy summer holidays. The new rat Alfie is so cute.

Love to everyone and all the animals :)
Holly xx

Friday, 5 September 2014

Fantastic TripAdvisor Review from Keeper for a Day

 This week we received an amazing review on TripAdvisor from Amanda Hurst who took part in a Keeper for a Day experience with us this summer!

Amanda Hurst 19.08

“My favourite place in the world!”

OK, so I must admit a little bias as I've been coming since here since I was a child, when it opened as Flamingo Park (early '70s). I first visited with my parents and grandparents and now I am returning with my own child. I love this place. I love how you get mugged by the ducks upon arrival (come in the morning when they're most hungry), I love the walk down to the lake at the bottom, feeding the ducks, swans and geese (get down and feed them by hand, don't just throw seed at them), I love the Wallaby Walk and the slightly mad alpacas, I love giving the pigs a good scratch on the back, I love the shouty parrots and trying to spot Dippy (a penguin with a Facebook page) amongst the penguins, I love the tranquillity of the Tropical House and the buzz of the cafe. 

Speaking of the cafe, I don't think it's changed since I was a child and that is a compliment. Excellent food (crab sandwich for me, every time), a nostalgic vibe and absolutely the best milkshakes in the world. Oh, and a decent proper cup of tea. In a cup. And all at very reasonable prices (we spend less in a day visiting here than any other attraction on the Island).

If it's possible, I love Flamingo Park (as it will always be to me) even more after my visit this year and my Keeper for a Day experience (thank you Sally, and the other keepers for the most amazing day). Meeting Dippy and the other animals was amazing, and being in the with meerkats was the highlight of the day (don't tell Dippy though). If you're visiting the Island, book a Wildlife Encounter in advance, it'll honestly be the highlight of your holiday.

Any reviewers that say they can be in and out of here in an hour or so are clearly not getting this place at all. This is the Isle of Wight, not a theme park. Slow down, enjoy the scenery, smell the flowers, feed the ducks, watch the animals, feel the sun on your face (hopefully), have an ice cream and forget the mainland. Yes, there is something old-fashioned about the place but it's lovely, it's a reminder of British summer holidays the way they used to be. That IS what the Isle of Wight is about, traditional bucket & spade holidays, and Flamingo Park is the tiniest and the best piece of that. 

Visited August 2014


This week we received a lovely message from Jhuma, the mother of Sohum who took part in his Keeper for a Day experience with us this summer!

Sohum 28.08

Dear Lorraine, 

Sohum would like to thank Sally and the entire team for giving him a grand experience that left life time memories.. 

We are all very grateful to Sally for teaching Sohum how to care for animals, being very helpful and making Sohum at ease and taking excellent photographs. We are also very thankful to Charlotte, Becky and others for making this an enjoyable and memorable experience for Sohum. I hope you can pass this on to the animal keeper team. 

During our earlier visit on 19 July, when we decided for Sohum to come back as a KFAD, Sohum took a beautiful snap of peacock, enclosed. You may want to add this in your collection of photographs on the website - we are very happy with it. We would also like to enter this picture in the photography competition for children. 

We have already given permission to use Sohum's KFAD photographs for your website - Please could you email us to notify, when you do so. 

Thank you. 


Jhuma (Sohum's mum)


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Isle Of Pink is back…. for the month of September

The Isle Of Pink is back !  The Island is turning pink again throughout September with a range of activities and stunts taking place.  It’s all to raise funds for life-saving research into breast cancer whilst spreading an important awareness message at the same time.  The Park are contributing by having the team on site on Monday September 1st for a fund raiser day accompanied with a Dippy Story !  Please support this worthy cause ………

The super duper Pink race
Today it was Pink race day, a day everyone had been looking forward to for a very long time. For the last 7 days every animal in the Park had been given special pellets to pop into their drinks and take at meal times 3 times a day. These contained a special ingredient which all the flamingos eat to maintain their bright pink coloured feathers. If taken following the Keepers strict instructions it would guarantee complete colour change by day 7. Today it was day 7 and to our absolute delight we discovered it had worked!! Every single animal had turned to bright pink!

The first ever Pink race to take place at the Park was being organized and judged by Amber the owl, a very wise old Eurasian eagle owl. Each animal taking part had been given a sponsor form several weeks ago and all of them had been very busy collecting as many sponsors as they could. After the race all the money would be gathered together and given to a very special charity that did research towards medicines to help cure Breast Cancer. Today the whole Park had been decorated with pink bunting flags, pink balloons tied on to the outside entrance of every animal’s house and the flamingo’s playground floor had been fitted with a very soft fluffy pink carpet.
Brian, a large and very friendly white goose who lives at the Park’s upper pool had been training the flamingos for weeks ready for the Pink race. He had given each bird an individual exercise programme and set fitness targets to complete each week. The flamingos had been separated into 3 teams by the 3 different flocks that live at the Park, the Chilean’s, Lessers and the Caribbeans.

Bryan the Goose late Aug 2012 DSC_0438
Kookie, known by everyone at the Park as the “ laughing Kookaburra”, a very crazy bird who tends to laugh all the time at anything and with everyone, today was on the gate to welcome all the pink guests, and collect together the many sponsorship forms. The flamingo’s playground soon turned into a pink blur of colour as the animals filled the rows of seats. High up on the stage overlooking the race tracks stood the beautiful Sammy, a blue fronted Amazon parrot. She had the most wonderful voice and sang for all the animals as they waited for the contestants to get ready and the race to begin.

Solent News Kookie & duckling 4
The pink Park animals gathered around the refreshment tents where the parrots were serving all kinds of delicious pink foods, prawn cocktail and crab sticks, pink iced cupcakes sprinkled with 100’s and 1000’s, huge whipped up balls of candyfloss on sticks and tubs and tubs of strawberry ice cream!! The pink drinks being served ranged from freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice, strawberry milkshake with floating marshmallows and bendy straws to super fizzy pink cocktails which contained quite a lot of alcohol and were not allowed to be consumed by the contestants taking part in the race.

Borris Jan 2010 DSC_0026
The flamingos began to take their places at the start line, some stretching and warming up their muscles whilst others stood posturing on 1 leg and having a natter. The Chilean lady flamingos were sitting alongside the race tracks on top of their birds nests as their eggs were due to hatch at the end of August. They had been given the extremely important job of spotting any cheating or rule breaking during the race.

Chilean chick in ballet pose (re-sized)
Amber the owl stepped onto the stage at 3 o’clock and spoke to all the pink Park animals through a very loud claw held speaker, he congratulated all of us on such a super pink race event and wished all the flamingos and race partners the best of luck! He then handed a pink blindfold ribbon to each flamingo which the little race partner then tied around their head to completely cover their eyes. Amber then explained the rules of the pink race, once blindfolded the flamingos were then to bend down so their small race partner could climb carefully onto their back from where they would shout directions to their flamingo as to the whereabouts of the finish line. The winning flamingo being the first to cross the pink finish line ribbon with their little pink animal race partner sitting on their back. The first aid squirrel medical team were standing by close to the track in case of any injuries.
amber (9)
Dippy being the largest of the flamingo race partners rode on the back of the largest flamingo of the flock, his name was Francis. Other animals such as the white mice, chickens, rabbits, cockatoos and rats all took their places on the start line ready to race! Amber blew the whistle and off we went, it was a very funny race, lots of the flamingos bumped into each other, wobbled all over the place and some wandered quite far off the race track even though they were being given very good directions. Others were quite speedy but lost their race partners off their backs and had to pick them up again all whilst being blindfolded!

The winner of the pink flamingo race crossed the ribbon with a huge smile across his pink face and his partner was waving his little paws high up into the air, it was Roger the rabbit and his flamingo who had won!! Pink trophies were handed out on the stage to the winners and runners up, everyone clapped and cheered and then all joined in the pink after race party which went on late into the night!

Sunday, 24 August 2014


Just wanted to let you all know what a wonderful time my two daughters, wife and I had at Seaview Wildlife Encounter last week. It was the highlight of our two week break on the Isle of Wight.
We can't wait to visit again next time we're on the island.

All the best,
Mark, Karen, Georgia and Daisy Montague
PS. They both now want a Wallaby!

wallaby brushing

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Beautiful Baby Bleeding Heart

Over in the Tropical House this week the Keepers discovered the nest of one of our Bleeding Heart Pigeons. 

Inside the carefully made nest there was an egg and a beautiful little baby! Take a look at the photos below:


DSC_0650-002 - Copy

Found only on the island of Luzon in the Philippines, these pigeons are one of a number of species of ground dwelling dove. They get their name from the splash of vivid red colour at the centre of their white breasts.

On first sight you might think that the bird has been wounded, especially where the reddish hue extends down the belly giving the illusion of blood running down the body. The Keepers are often called to the Tropical House with reports of injured birds only to find that it is one the Bleeding Heart Pigeons!

Bleeding Heart Pigeon