Friday, 5 September 2014

Fantastic TripAdvisor Review from Keeper for a Day

 This week we received an amazing review on TripAdvisor from Amanda Hurst who took part in a Keeper for a Day experience with us this summer!

Amanda Hurst 19.08

“My favourite place in the world!”

OK, so I must admit a little bias as I've been coming since here since I was a child, when it opened as Flamingo Park (early '70s). I first visited with my parents and grandparents and now I am returning with my own child. I love this place. I love how you get mugged by the ducks upon arrival (come in the morning when they're most hungry), I love the walk down to the lake at the bottom, feeding the ducks, swans and geese (get down and feed them by hand, don't just throw seed at them), I love the Wallaby Walk and the slightly mad alpacas, I love giving the pigs a good scratch on the back, I love the shouty parrots and trying to spot Dippy (a penguin with a Facebook page) amongst the penguins, I love the tranquillity of the Tropical House and the buzz of the cafe. 

Speaking of the cafe, I don't think it's changed since I was a child and that is a compliment. Excellent food (crab sandwich for me, every time), a nostalgic vibe and absolutely the best milkshakes in the world. Oh, and a decent proper cup of tea. In a cup. And all at very reasonable prices (we spend less in a day visiting here than any other attraction on the Island).

If it's possible, I love Flamingo Park (as it will always be to me) even more after my visit this year and my Keeper for a Day experience (thank you Sally, and the other keepers for the most amazing day). Meeting Dippy and the other animals was amazing, and being in the with meerkats was the highlight of the day (don't tell Dippy though). If you're visiting the Island, book a Wildlife Encounter in advance, it'll honestly be the highlight of your holiday.

Any reviewers that say they can be in and out of here in an hour or so are clearly not getting this place at all. This is the Isle of Wight, not a theme park. Slow down, enjoy the scenery, smell the flowers, feed the ducks, watch the animals, feel the sun on your face (hopefully), have an ice cream and forget the mainland. Yes, there is something old-fashioned about the place but it's lovely, it's a reminder of British summer holidays the way they used to be. That IS what the Isle of Wight is about, traditional bucket & spade holidays, and Flamingo Park is the tiniest and the best piece of that. 

Visited August 2014

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