Friday, 5 September 2014


This week we received a lovely message from Jhuma, the mother of Sohum who took part in his Keeper for a Day experience with us this summer!

Sohum 28.08

Dear Lorraine, 

Sohum would like to thank Sally and the entire team for giving him a grand experience that left life time memories.. 

We are all very grateful to Sally for teaching Sohum how to care for animals, being very helpful and making Sohum at ease and taking excellent photographs. We are also very thankful to Charlotte, Becky and others for making this an enjoyable and memorable experience for Sohum. I hope you can pass this on to the animal keeper team. 

During our earlier visit on 19 July, when we decided for Sohum to come back as a KFAD, Sohum took a beautiful snap of peacock, enclosed. You may want to add this in your collection of photographs on the website - we are very happy with it. We would also like to enter this picture in the photography competition for children. 

We have already given permission to use Sohum's KFAD photographs for your website - Please could you email us to notify, when you do so. 

Thank you. 


Jhuma (Sohum's mum)


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