Friday, 26 November 2010


Elvis in handsome pose

Elvis was given his name by one of our Park visitors – because of his ‘flaired trouser look’.

Having done some cursory research, it would seem that our Elvis is a Golden-Necked Booted Bantam (otherwise known as a Golden Neck d'Uccle Bantam). He’s not necessarily a pedigree, but certainly recognisable and undoubtedly handsome! We were donated two of these character-full cockerels but unfortunately had to separate them after some nasty feather-bashing took place (they’re extremely territorial).

Bantam chickens are known to be faster and "spunkier" than their larger counterparts. Full of ‘attitude’ and known for their aggressive ‘puffed up’ disposition these chickens can be quite comical in stature and behaviour. Our Elvis is a fine example of that! He ‘chats’ and struts about, making a song and dance out of everything he does!

Elvis is certainly very popular at the Park. Now that our visitors aren’t here to admire him he’s taken to spending time with the Keepers as well as being pursued on a daily basis by three un-Bantam but friendly females – namely a Silver Pheasant, a Mallard duck and one of our battery-rescued brown hens.

‘I just can’t help believing’ that, despite the ‘suspicious minds’ of his current female admirers who ‘can’t help falling in love’ with him, we might be able to find a couple of Booted Bantam Birds for Elvis to get ‘All shook up with’ next year!

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  1. they are one of the sweetest breeds out there so docile compared to my games and non aggressive towards other males