Friday, 19 November 2010


It’s not always good or happy news at the Park. When one of our beloved animals is ill it’s always a big wrench for the Animal Care Team and everyone who knows the individual characters at Seaview Wildlife Encounter who is facing a malady.


Last Saturday night Basil and Olly, our two Pygmy Goats, escaped from their enclosure – they are Houdini escape artists at the best of times! Although they were safely contained within the Park, Basil unfortunately ate part of a shrub that was apparently from the Rhododendron family. It proved to be toxic – in fact, depending on the quantity he consumed we had to face the possibility that we might lose him. We’ve had the vet out twice and Bas has had various injections. We’ve all been on tenderhooks ….

We had to separate Basil and Olly for three nights to allow Basil complete rest and individual treatment. Poor young Olly cried for his friend and companion.

Basil & Olly 6 Oct (resized)

Thankfully Basil has improved markedly over the past few days! He has started a few cheeky antics again with the Keepers and is even managing to deal with young Olly’s energetic attempts to make him start romping around again!

New padlocks have since been fitted in order to avoid any future recurrence!

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  1. Haha!!! That was great. I wish you would've showed his reaction when he found out it was you. Lol, was he pissed? Also, he did a lot of calling for help. Were the cops ever called?