Thursday, 16 December 2010

Kookie Kookaburra in the old oak tree!

Kookie 16 Dec 2010

Do you remember the images of Kookie the Kookaburra taken earlier this year? He was a rather ugly, prehistoric-looking, half-feathered fledgling that was abandoned by his mother here at the Park. He was hand-reared by the Keepers during the summer months. It was almost by accident that Kookie was placed in with some newly hatched rare-breed ducklings who cuddled up to him straight away (despite his being a predator as an adult in the wild). The story of Kookie being surrogate mother to three ducklings became international news.

Kookie 16 Dec 10

Kookie Dec 10

Wow, look at him now! Kookie is a really handsome young Kookaburra and is still as chatty and cheeky with the Keepers as he ever was. These Images taken this morning show Kookie with his ‘fluffed up’ winter look! He’s no longer in the same enclosure as the ducklings that he ‘mothered’ – each species seemed very happy to go their own way once realising their very obvious differences!

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