Thursday, 19 July 2012

Moments of Marvellous Meerkat Madness

During the course of yesterday and today we’ve had three memorable Meerkat Encounters where guests have had special one-on-one time feeding and being close-up with our Meerkats.  The first was Paula Saint who was visiting the Park with her husband Dave from near Bristol.  They heard about Wildlife Encounters whilst they were here and were lucky to secure a last minute booking.  Paula (below) is a great Meerkat fan and said she really loved the experience.
Then earlier today Katie Holland-Skinner and Craig Dickson (below) from Little Hampton near Brighton had their own Meerkat Encounter here at Seaview Wildlife.  Katie has been an avid Meerkat enthusiast for some time – and was keen to share this close-up experience with her boyfriend, Craig.
This afternoon we welcomed Indigo Wells, aged 9, who lives in Tokyo, Japan, and is visiting England and the Isle of Wight for a holiday with her Grandparents.  Indigo (below) loves all animals but particularly Meerkats.  She was thrilled to be able to book a Meerkat Encounter at short notice – especially having been told there is a six month waiting list to book a Penguin feeding experience at London Zoo!
Thank you to all this week’s VIP guests for choosing Seaview Wildlife Encounter as their number one place for one-on-one wildlife experiences!

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