Friday, 27 July 2012


Dear Jules,
They say never go back ­ to places, events, experiences ­ because you will
probably be disappointed second time around.
Recently we took our niece, Hannah, over to the Isle of Wight for a second
Keeper for the Day after she so enjoyed the first one a year or so back.
As before, every aspect of the day was perfect. Charlotte and Jake, the 2
keepers who worked with Hannah, were terrific: friendly, patient,
knowledgeable ­ a credit to themselves and to you.
I am in danger of simply repeating the letter I wrote last year so I will
simply say thank you ­ again - for another exceptional day. Please pass on
our thanks to everyone who made Hannah¹s day so special, especially to
Charlotte and Jake.
At our (relatively) advanced years we have been lucky to visit many places,
attend lots of events, have plenty of experiences throughout the world. But
there is something very, very special about SeaView and the wildlife
So, never go back? We say don¹t hesitate to return.
See you next year
Lorraine and Kerry Paddison

Hannah Cleverton

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