Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Latest Adoption – Wallaby Joey named “Willow”


Many thanks to Anna who recently adopted one of our Bennett’s Wallaby Joeys.  Anna and her family are here on the Isle of Wight on holiday.  After visiting Seaview Wildlife Anna was rather taken by the Wallabies and asked if she could put her pocket money into adopting one of the Joeys.  Only a couple of the Wallabies have names so we were able to offer Anna the chance to name her adopted Wallaby – she chose the name “Willow” because the Wallaby mob were tucking in to some succulent willow leaves on the first day that Anna visited the Park!  We’ll be keeping Anna up to date with emailed newsletters during the year ahead and we look forward to welcoming her back to visit Willow again soon!


Anna and Willow July 11 (resized) DSC_0521

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