Monday, 18 July 2011

An unlikely encounter (“Henry Cooper” meets Miniature Pigs!)

Henry Cooper, our orphaned Wallaby Joey, is becoming more and more active. We had him out in the Park a couple of days ago with a view to him meeting a couple of his associates. We placed Henry out in one of the outdoor runs thinking that he might be interested in meeting Mr Fluffy, our Giant New Zealand white rabbit, but neither Henry nor Mr Fluffy seemed in the slightest bit interested. Then, quite unexpectedly, Henry turned his attentions towards Alfie and Willis, our two Miniature Pigs in the next door enclosure ….

Henry & Mr Fluffy completely ignoring each other! DSC_0401

Henry Cooper and Mr Fluffy seen here - completely ignoring each other!

Henry checks out Alfie & Willis DSC_0418

Henry notices the two Miniature Pigs, Alfie and Willis, snuffling under the fence of the next door enclosure!

Henry picks up the Piggy scent! DSC_0425

Henry leans over his backpack (it’s his keeper-made pouch!) to get a closer look (and smell) of Alfie.

Hmmmm now these two look are a bit different! DSC_0430

The Pigs and Henry Cooper seem really inquisitive about each other – Henry can be seen here getting closer!

Nose to nose - Henry and Alfie! DSC_0406

Henry takes the plunge and gets nose to nose with Alfie through the fence!

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