Saturday, 17 October 2009

Quotes of the Week from our Visitors Book

"Amazing Park, best attraction on the Island. Loved being able to interact with the animals." Joe, Seaview.

"Really glad we came on a grey October day. Brilliant animals, great fun feeding them and hearing Boris the Cockatoo speak! Excellent experience". Helen, London.

"About the 7th time we have been and it's still great! Penguins always good value". Allison & Val, Surrey.

"Had a very good time. Great fun in the Wallaby enclosure! Had great fun feeding the ducks & geese! Great day!!! Darren, Laura, John from Southampton

"Lola enjoyed talking to the ducks which Mummy fed by hand! Lovely timex"
Benn, Victoria and Lola, Norfolk.

"ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS" Dawn, Chichester, West Sussex.

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