Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Bird Crazy

Check out this wonderful poem about our park, by Barbara Winter
Bird Crazy
Ducks a dabbling, geese a scrabbling
Quacks and cawks. Beaks and mawks
Lots of webbed feet fiercely paddling
Listen to the parrots talk

Ducklings splashing, geese a- dashing
Flamingos stand with graceful stance
Wings with coloured feathers flashing
Long legged cranes do slow step dance

Snakes so creepy, reptiles sleepy
Tropical house with water falls
Fish that cruise the ponds so deeply
Darting birds that sing and call

Wallabies staring rabbits sharing
Penguins waddling to the pool
Meerkats posing, chipmunks dozing
Otters trying to keep cool

Streams a burbling, downhill gurgling
Fountains, waterfalls display
Saw the goldfish, saw the finches
Must come back another day

Seaview Wildlife Park is great
There is so much to do and see
Café, shop and ice cream stall
A good day out for you and me


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