Thursday, 13 June 2013


Extracts from Dippy’s Adventures on the Isle Of Wight
I decided to take a trip over to Freshwater Bay to one of my favourite places on the Isle of Wight, Dimbola Lodge. This is a very old building that used to belong to a famous Victorian lady called Julia Margaret Cameron. She is known as one of the earliest photographers in history to have taken photographs and call them works of art.
As I wondered through the rooms of the house, I gazed at the many photographs on the walls, beautiful faces captured in atmospheric pictures. The view from the window upstairs is of a green grass field full of daises and meadow flowers blossoming, with cows grazing in the bright sunshine, beyond this is Freshwater Bay with it’s curved bright white chalk cliff surrounding a pebbled beach.
After my little daydreaming gaze out of the window I fancied having a bit of fun dressing up in some old Victorian clothes. I tried on several outfits and even got my photo taken in them so I can show all my penguin friends. I then wandered down the large staircase when I heard a very big rumbling sound coming from my belly – it must be teatime! I waited until the tearoom was empty and whilst nobody was looking I climbed up and had a cheeky little wander across the table top, a bit naughty but what fun !

I fancied a very large cream tea today, with a fruit scone filled with juicy raisins, sweet strawberry jam and a whirl of tasty cream. To drink I had an ice-cream soda, a tall glass of lemonade with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top, the bubbles flowed over the glass top as I sipped through the straw filling my belly with delight !

Before returning home I had a little walk in the gardens, flowers of all colours blooming and filling the air with rosy scents. There is a very large bronze statue in this garden of another famous person known as Jimi Hendrix. He was a rock star who stayed at Dimbola Lodge and played his guitar at the first Isle of Wight Festival. Another super photo to go into my album. After this busy afternoon I travelled back to Seaview, where I had a long cool dip in my penguin pool, now I felt fully rested and relaxed.

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