Saturday, 1 June 2013

The not so Ugly Duckling

You may remember a month or so ago one of our Nene eggs, otherwise known as Hawaiian Goose, hatched in one of our incubators!
With no other Geese for company he not only made friends with Baby Roo, our orphaned Joey but also two orphaned ducklings. Ever since the trio have been inseparable and have all lived happily together for the past couple of months in a nice secure enclosure and looked after by all of our Keepers….


Well look at them now…all grown up……


The Keepers can’t bring themselves to separate the three just yet so we will wait until the Nene Goose has grown all his flight feathers and will then release him to stretch his wings along with his Duck friends. Who knows whether this will be a life long friendship, only time will tell but we will keep you informed!

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