Thursday, 30 May 2013

Half Term Wildlife Fun at the Park!

What a crazy week it has been here at the park! One minute we have glorious sunshine and the next- torrential downpours! But not even the heavy rain can keep our amazing visitors away!
The keepers have been kept busy welcoming lots of holiday makers and local islanders to the park, as well as running all the of hands on wildlife encounters!

Today we were first joined this morning by Drew who was our Keeper-for-a-Day! Drew is from the island and was treated to this experience as a Christmas present! He had a great time learning how to be a keeper and getting up close to lots of our amazing animals. His favourite however was definitely meeting Baby Roo, our gorgeous wallaby joey who is being hand reared by the keeper team:
We also welcomed Cameron for a meerkat encounter, where he had a great time feeding our cheeky trio some lovely meal worms! He also able to watch them as they were on full Sentry Duty, due to a couple of planes flying over head (the meerkats sometimes mistake them for birds of prey!)
Finally this afternoon Robert visited the park with his family for his Junior Wildlife Experience! He is here on the island whilst on holiday and absolutely loves all animals. This experience was a treat, as it was also his birthday today! It was a pleasure showing Robert around the park, he was full of great questions and is a big fan of nature documentaries too!
All the keepers would like to thank the boys for joining us today and we look forward to welcoming them again soon!

If you are interested in having a wildlife encounter of your own, just visit our website for more information:

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