Friday, 5 July 2013

Fab poem from Keeper for a Day Sheilagh Wilson!

We had to share this fantastic poem that was very kindly written and sent to the Keepers from Sheilagh Wilson who joined us last Tuesday as a ‘Keeper for a Day’.
Greeted by Ducks all clamouring for food, every shape and colour looking so good.
Meeting the Keepers who’ll look after me, so much to do, so much to see.
In with the Chipmunks, Rats and Bunny, white fur everywhere, it’s so funny!
On to the Pelicans whose beaks are ready - for lots of Fish – steady boys, steady.
Sort the food for the Penguins, plenty of sprats, what a good job there aren’t any cats!….
The penguins are moulting and feel a bit sorry, they’ll soon perk up so not to worry.
Mother duck fancied a swim there too, along with her ducklings two by two!
Pick up a fleece for little Jacob Cracker, he’s an orphaned joey in with the Alpaca.  Such a sweet little baby, he’s doing really well, the other wallabies accept him, you can tell.
Prepare more food for all the rest, they wont go hungry, its the very best.
Onto the hot house with creatures in tow, baby dragon and snake to be handled just so.
Lunch in a hurry with lots to eat, pick up some pellets for the wallaby meet – they come hopping over ready to greet, then in with the meerkats, oh what a treat!
Lots of goodies all of a kind, for little paws to seek and find.  Grain for the birds on the lower lake too, so many come squabbling, surrounding you.
It certainly has been a wonderful day, so everyone there, all I can say is a……..GREAT BIG THANK YOU !!!!!

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