Friday, 12 July 2013

A Collection of our Latest Wildlife Encounters!

The past few weeks have been very busy here at the park not only with lots of visitors and school groups, but also with our very popular hands on wildlife encounters!
Here are a collection of photos from some of the encounters that have recently taken place…

Last week Hannah Cleverton joined us for her third time as a Keeper for a Day. All the keepers had a great time showing Hannah around the park once again:

The next day we welcomed Sara Goss for her day as a Keeper! Sarah really enjoyed working with all the animals but developed a soft spot for our gorgeous little albino wallaby joey!

That same day Steve Brady took part in a Meerkat Encounter. Steve loves everything to do with Meerkats and really enjoyed the chance to get up close to them! He also managed to try out some bubble enrichment too!

On Wednesday 10th July mother and daughter Lynn and Danielle visited us for a Penguin and Meerkat Encounter.
Lynn absolutely adores penguins and it had been a life long dream to get up close to them! This encounter was a birthday treat for Lynn and the keepers had a wonderful time introducing her to all of the cheeky penguins!
Later that day Lynns daughter Danielle met our mischievous meerkats:

Yesterday we were joined first by Lauren Millin for her Keeper for a Day experience. Lauren was visiting the park with the rest of her family and was a pleasure to take round for the day. She even managed to conquer her fear of our hissing cockroaches!
In the afternoon Daniel Ferrari took part in his Junior Wildlife Experience. Daniel was very enthusiastic about all the animals he met and he told the keepers he is hoping to get a job here at the park one day!

Then finally this morning Jenna Kreithaner joined us for her Combo Encounter with the Penguins and Meerkats!

If you or someone you know would like an amazing Wildlife Encounter then take a look at our website for more details:

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