Thursday, 26 April 2012

Dippy wearing special shoes

Background to the shoe story
Dippy, our Head Humboldt Penguin, has been slightly lame recently.  Our vet, Doc Green, checked him over yesterday and suggested taking a closer look at the surgery today.  We were all naturally apprehensive because Dippy is such a special little character to us all … however, the outcome of his examination is good.  The X-rays show no signs of arthritis in his legs or feet.  There’s a very small (almost insignificant) sore on the base of each foot that may be causing him some discomfort.  Although these have not developed into ulcers or ‘bumblefoot’ Doc Green has fitted Dippy with special shoes to keep him dry and of the ground for a few days.  This should allow sufficient time for healing.
Dippy is being confined in a small area around his ‘hut’ in the Penguin enclosure where he can be close to the rest of the colony but won’t be able to access the pool for a while.  We’ll be trying to keep his feet as dry as possible!
DSC_0896   DSC_0907 DSC_0914
Above: Dippy arriving back from the vet’s this afternoon in his new ‘Jimmy Choo’ medical shoes

The actual shoe story
So, here comes Dippy, beak held high – modelling and waddling the latest Jimmy Choo Penguin shoes … only available by special order through Green & Foster in Newport, Isle of Wight …. hand-made to order, these polystyrene and elastoplast beauties might just set you back a few hundred squiddlies, so best you’re quite sure about this being your preferred style before rushing to grab your credit card ….

DSC_0930 DSC_0935 DSC_0938
Above: Dippy earlier today - in various positions of repose – relaxed, chatty and relieved to be back home!
Above: The on-duty Keeper Team were extremely pleased to be able to welcome Dippy back safe and sound (shoes and all!)

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  1. Ah, poor Dippy! Hope you get better soon. Your shoes are very smart and everything, but a Penguin who is not allowed in the pool is a sad sight.