Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Vet visits the Park

Last week Dr Ian Green, our regular veterinarian, visited Seaview Wildlife Encounter.  His list of patients included of two of our male Bennett’s Wallabies. 
The first consultation was with “Jack”, an Albino male Wallaby, just over a year old, who needed to be castrated in order to avoid any in-breeding in our Wallaby mob.  The procedure went smoothly and the following day Jack was bounding around again, seemingly oblivious to the previous day’s proceedings! 
Below left: Jack being caught-up by Fern and Jake prior to surgery. Below right: On the operating table. Below centre: Coming round from anaesthetic.

DSC_0184 DSC_0199

The second consultation was with our brown male stud Wallaby, Toby, a great favourite amongst the Keepers because of his gentle, amiable nature.  Toby hasn’t been on top form recently, having lost weight and been quite lacklustre.  After sedation, the vet gave him a complete health-check and discovered a couple of reasons that may have been causing him concern.  Firstly Toby’s molars were quite sharp in places and cutting slightly into his cheeks - so Dr Ian filed these down.  Secondly the palm of one of one of Toby’s front feet was swollen – possibly from a thorn or something similar that had resulted in the paw becoming infected.  This was lanced, flushed and then stitched.  Other than that Toby’s blood test results have all come back as being clear, so hopefully, with the help of a course of antibiotics, he’ll be right back to his usual self again soon.
DSC_0224 DSC_0225

DSC_0233 DSC_0234
Top left: Keeper Jake taking a sedated Toby for further examination by the Park vet.  Top right: Toby’s swollen fore-paw
Bottom left: Taking a closer look at Toby’s teeth.  Bottom right: Keepers Fern and Jake heading back to Wallaby Walkabout with Toby still anaesthetised after his veterinary treatment. 

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