Thursday, 26 April 2012

Close Encounters with Meerkats and Penguins!

In between the April showers of the past few days we’ve had sufficient dry spells and patches of sunshine for our One-on-One Meerkat and Penguin Encounters to go ahead and be thoroughly enjoyed!  We were pleased to welcome Neville Isaacson for a Meerkat Encounter and Sarah Kerry and her friend James joined for a Penguin Encounter.  Here are a sample of some of the images our V.I.P. guests took away as memories with them:

Above: Neville, who is absolutely mad for Meerkats (he even has a special Meerkat ring on his mobile phone) -  seen here enjoying a really close encounter!

Above: When asked about their Penguin Encounter, Sarah and James said they enjoyed being "hounded" by the Penguins and said "It turns out, all you need to become friends with a Penguin is a bucket of fish!" 

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